How to Delete Wrong Challan in ESIC

Deleting ESIC challan in online is not possible. By mistake, if you have generated a wrong ESIC challan then you need to write an ESIC challan cancellation letter to your regional ESIC office. Once you submit ESIC challan cancellation letter to EDP(Electronic Data Processing) section of ESIC office then within 7 days your ESIC challan will be deleted, after that, you can create a new challan.

Here you can know how to write an ESIC challan cancellation letter to ESIC office. Before writing ESI challan cancellation letter you must find the challan number of the wrong ESIC challan. If you haven’t saved your ESIC challan number than read this to know how to find forgotten ESIC challan number online.

ESIC Challan Cancellation Letter

To                                                                                                                                      Date:

The Director,

Sub Regional Office,


Sub: Request to Delete Wrong ESIC Challan for the month of _________, Challan No._______

Ref: ESI Code Number:_________

Dear Sir/Madam,

                        As per the above cited subject we the ___________ have generated wrong ESIC challan for the month of ________ and the challan number is _________.  We couldn’t find any option to delete the wrongly generated ESIC challan in online.

Here we are requesting you to kindly delete the wrong ESIC challan generated by us so that we can generate new challan.

Thanking you.


The Authorized Signatory.

Print above letter on your company letterhead and submit it to your ESIC regional office.

10 thoughts on “How to Delete Wrong Challan in ESIC”

  1. In omitted wages we entered Gross amount and Challan is generated, Please tell how we delete challan?
    what is the process to correct it.

  2. hello sir

    I am filling monthly conntributions for the month of April-2023.Challan is not genarated yet . if possible to canel monthly conntributions

  3. We generate esic challan for the month of Jan-2022 but in portal by mistake we submit dec-2021 so how to cancel this challan and resubmit again

  4. I create a challan for interest and penalty after get a letter from ESI , this challan created thru wage chalan, is this chalan is ok for penalty payment, or how can I delete this chalan

  5. Sir i upload wrong esi file and generated the challan and made payment for that After that i found the wages of emploees were interchanged Any solutuon sir paid amount was correct but working employees got zero wages and non working emoloees got the wages please tell me the solution

    • In that case, you need to write a detailed letter to your regional ESIC on your company letterhead, only they can help you.


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