How To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

EPFO has introduced Aadhar based E sign for approving employee KYC details. The main reason behind introducing Aadhar based E sign is there are so many difficulties in using the digital signature in unified PF portal, there are so many problems with Java installation and browser settings. Now there is no need to worry about these things, now employers can easily register their aadhar based e sign in unified PF portal. Here is the complete process on how to register Aadhar based E sign at PF unified portal.

Employers can use aadhar based e sign along with their active digital signature. 

How To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

Aadhar based e sign registration will be done in two cases, One is for the employers who already have active digital signature and second case is for the employers who don’t have registered digital signature in EPF portal.

The benefit for the employers who have active digital signature is they don’t need to visit EPF office to get approval for their aadhar based e sign. The remaining employers who don’t have active digital signature need to visit their regional EPF office along with request letter generated in unified PF portal.

Steps To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal For The Employers Who Have Active DSC

Login to unified PF portal with user id and password, now click on ESTABLISHMENT in primary menu, in submenu click on DSC/E-SIGN

Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

In new page click on  Click here to register eSign, of a person whose DSC is already registered.

How To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

Now in the new page, your active digital signatures will appear, at the end of the right side, you have an option to register e sign. now click on that.

How To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

Now you will get a page to register aadhar based e sign, now enter details like aadhar number, name as per aadhar, designation, gender, and dob and click on generate OTP.

How To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

Now OTP will come to the mobile number, which has registered with the Aadhar number, if your mobile number not registered then you need to register your mobile number with the Aadhar number.

Once you enter OTP and click on submit then you will get a message on the screen that e sign registered successfully.

How To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

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Steps To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal For The Employers Who Don’t Have Digital Signature

Login To Unified PF Portal With employer user id and password, and click on ESTABLISHMENT in the primary menu and select DSC/E-SIGN from the submenu.

Login To Employer PF Portal → Establishment → DSC / E-Sign

Now in new page, you can find a form to register aadhaar based e sign. Which will appear below the Digital signature registration form. Now enter all the required details and click on generate OTP.

Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal


OTP will be sent to the register mobile number of Aadhar card. Now enter OTP and click on submit.

Now you will get the following message that e sign registered successfully,  generate request letter to activation process to be initiated.

How To Register Aadhar Based E Sign At PF Unified Portal

Now click on request letter and download PDF file of request letter and take your employer attestation and submit it to your regional PF office.

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  1. I am receiving error like SQL Error code:0 at final sate of e sign registration.
    can you please help me on this.

  2. HI,
    I am clicking e-sign it showing 0status text,error,error it showing same message from three weeks onwards.Please help me to solve this issue

  3. sir
    I am trying to register e-signature as required but unable to getting the message”technical error and pls try after some time” such message always getting

  4. when I go approve through e-signature error has been occurred ” E-Sign up-gradation is under process !!!” please let me know what to do

  5. HI Sir
    Can we registered separately another employee for E-sign? if our one employee already have active Digital signature.

      • Thank you so much for your kind reply sir.
        I have created my e-sign in my epfo portal, and now it is Active.
        But still I am not able to approve pending KYC through my aadhar based e-sign.
        an error is coming i.e. “E-Sign Up- gradation is under process”
        Please help, is there any up-gradation or maintenance working is running in epfo, and how long it would be not working. Please rply and help me

        • Hi Tushar Sharma,
          I have checked it and we are also getting the same problem, so better to wait until EPFO solves that issue.

  6. Sir,
    When I am trying to e register esign in epf, after giving OTP its saying name mismatch

    After checking I am getting that in Aadhaar Name 1st then title & in DSC Title 1st then name.

    all spelling matched. How to resolve this issue???

  7. sir,
    while allotting new employee uan number am getting authentication failing ,if ts dob and name everything is matching. but also getting how can i generator uan number ?

  8. Good work

    but what about the employer whose DSC is yet pending for the approval from EPFO office??? can we register their e – sign?
    and how to use e- sign function? do we need to attach DSC to pc?

    • Hi Imran,
      There is no need to attach DSC To system when you use e sign, it is completely separate from DSC. The functions of e-sign are as same as Digital signature. If your DSC is pending for approval, you need to submit PDF file of e-sign request letter to EPFO office. If EPFO staff cooperate the approval process will take less than 5 minutes.

      • Thank you
        So i can understand from your statement that , Digital Signature is as same as e-sign and the usage is both of the same for digital approving on epfo portal.


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