Request Letter Format to HR for Address Proof for Personal Loan or Home Loan

When an employee staying in company-provided residence and when they apply for any personal loan or home loan then they need to get an address proof certificate from their employer. Not only for loan purpose you can use this format to get address proof certificate for various reasons like LPG gas connection, new bank account opening, passport, children school admission or for telephone connection, etc.

Request for address proof for a personal loan/home loan


The HR Manager.

ABC Foundation.

Sub: Request for Address proof for a personal loan/home loan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I Mr/Ms __________________ employee ID:_____________working as a__________________ for last _______________. And I am staying in the company residence. Recently I have applied for a personal loan/home loan and bank officials asked me to submit an address proof. All my address proofs consist of the address of my native place. If I submit them I don’t get any communication from the bank when they send any postal documents.

So here I am requesting you to please issue me an address proof letter so that I don’t miss any further communication from the bank.

Thanking you.



When you submit the above letter to your employer, then your employer will give below the address proof certificate printed on their company letterhead.

Residence Proof Certificate Format

To Whomsoever It May Concern



This is to certify that Mr/Ms ______________ is working in our organization since _____________ as a__________________. As per employment records, he/she is staying in company accommodation and his/her current address is __________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

This certificate is issued for the purpose of a bank loan as an address proof.

For Company Name,

Authorized Signatory.

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