Solution: The Bank Account Linked with This Account is Also Linked with the Following UANs

EPF members who have multiple UAN numbers and when they are linked to the same bank account number then they will see this message called “ The bank account linked with this account is also linked with the following UANs 10043550XXXX (with different demographic details)” while applying for a PF claim online on UAN portal.

The bank account linked with this account is also linked with the following UANs : 10043550XXXX (with different demographic details).

Here the problem is EPF will not reveal the complete UAN of the EPF members to which the same bank account was earlier linked, the last 4 digits of UAN will be kept hidden.

We can solve this problem in Two ways, one is by transferring the PF amount from old UAN to new UAN. But if we don’t know the old UAN then it is not possible to transfer the PF amount to the present UAN number.

How to Solve This Problem

1. Update New Bank Details in Present UAN Account

If you don’t know your old UAN then this is the easiest way to solve this problem if you have another bank account. You can change your bank KYC in PF as many times as you want, but to link new bank details with a PF account you need your employer’s approval. (Except for SBI account holders).

SBI account holders can link their bank details without employer approval.

Once you change your bank account details in the UAN portal and when they get approved by your employer or verified then you can apply for PF without any problem.

2. Transfer your PF amount from old UAN to Present UAN

If you know your old UAN then you can transfer the PF amount from your old PF account to the present PF account. After transfer, your old UAN will become inactive and you can withdraw PF from your present PF account without any problem.

But to transfer that PF amount to your old UAN demographic details like your name, gender, dob should match exactly with your present UAN details, otherwise you need to correct the wrong details either in the old UAN or present UAN account.

Once the details were corrected then link your Aadhaar with your old UAN and transfer the PF amount from the old PF account to your current PF account. ( You can correct those details based on your Aadhar details on the UAN member portal; during this process, your Aadhaar will automatically be linked to your old UAN as well.)

So at present these are the only Two solutions by which you can solve this problem.  If you don’t know your old UAN and don’t have a huge amount in your old PF account then follow the first process, otherwise follow the second process.


1. I don’t know my old UAN, how to find it ?

You can try using the know your UAN option in the UAN member portal but for that, you need to have a mobile number that is linked to your old UAN.

2. Can I add my family members bank account details in PF

No, only the bank account details of the EPF members will be accepted by EPFO. The name in the bank account and PF account should match.

3. How to change bank details without employer approval

If you are an SBI bank account holder, then you can link your SBI bank account with UAN without employer approval, but for other banks, employer approval is required.

4. How much time will it take to transfer PF amount from old UAN to present UAN

It will take a maximum of 20 days.

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