Termination Letter Formats for Absconding Employees in Word

If an employee stops reporting to work for consecutive days without any prior intimation to the superior officers will be considered to be absconded. In that case, employers have a right to terminate.

In such cases, the HR departments will send a termination notice to the employee’s address or mail it to the absconded employee’s mail id.

Below are a few termination letter samples which employers can use to send to the absconded employees.

Termination Letter to Absconding Employee (Format 1)

The Employee’s Name,

Sub: Termination Letter for absconding.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee name],

This letter is issued to inform you that your employment with [company name] will terminate with effect from [date] due to your abscond from work without any intimation.

You have also been out of touch with your superiors since your last work date, i.e. [date].

We regret to miss you as a part of our team, however, this decision has been taken according to the company policy.

Please contact the HR department for a full & final settlement.

Thank you for your services to the company.

Officer’s name,

Termination letter for absconding from job

Termination Letter to Absconding Employee (Format 2)

Sub: Notice for absconding.

Dear Mr./Ms [Employee Name],

This letter is to notify you that under the termination clause of your appointment letter. your employment with [company name] as [designation] will end w.e.f [termination date] because of your absconding from work since [date].

We continually try to contact you, but you don’t respond. You are at this moment asked to report to the office by [date] or your employment will end and you will be blacklisted.

We ask that you kindly consider and respond to this letter as soon as possible.

Officer’s name,

Termination letter for absconding employee

Termination Letter to Absconding Employee (Format 3)

Sub: Absconding from duty: violation of employment contract.

Dear Mr./Ms. ………….,

We have noticed that you are continuously absent from work since [date] without any prior intimation. As you have not resigned and have followed an appropriate separation process, your position as [designation]at [company name] will end on [date].

Your manager has tried to contact you but there is no response from you. We have also sent a notice to your mail asking for an explanation on this, and there is no response from you either.

Absence from work for a long time without permission is considered serious misconduct and a violation of the employment contract.

A penalization of 24 days’ salary has been adjusted towards your balance payment due from the company. Your salary will be paid to you after your full and final settlement process is completed.

Please hand over the company properties and other documents to initiate your full and final settlement, otherwise, legal action will be taken against you.

We are grateful for your services.

For the company name,
Name of the officer,

Reminder Letter to Terminated Employee

Sub: Termination for absconding.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

With regard to our previous letter dated ………., to which we didn’t get any response from your end either.

This could be considered as wilful negligence, disobedience, and pure indiscipline toward your duties.

Based on the above, it is assumed that you are not interested in continuing your service with [company name].

For the reasons above, your employment as a [designation] will end w.e.f [termination date].

For [The company name]
Authorized Signatory.

Absconding Mail to Employee (1)

Sub: Termination for Absconding

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

We have noticed that you have been absent from your duties since [date], with no information to your higher authorities. You are not picking up our calls either.

It’s extremely unprofessional and unethical. This company was left with no choice but to terminate your employment for disciplinary reasons.

Your full and final payment will be settled after you reply to this email.

Name of the officer,

Termination letter for absconding emmployee

Absconding Mail to Employee (2)

Sub: Termination for absconding.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee name],

It was noted that you have been away from the office since dd/mm/yyyy.

We tried to contact you several times and even left messages, but you did not respond.

This is the second time you have been absent with no information, You have already received a warning letter for your misconduct.

As such, you must report to the office effective [date] and provide an explanation for your absence. If there is no valid reason or if you do not reply to this letter, you will be laid off.

So please treat this as an issue of great urgency.

For “The Company Name”,
Officer’s name,

Termination mail for absconding employee (2)

Reminder Email to Terminated Employee

Sub: Termination on grounds of absconding.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

We regret to inform you that your employment as a [designation], with [company name] is being terminated effective from [date], your termination is the result of absconding.

Your final settlement will be cleared after you Handover the company properties to the HR department.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the company during your tenure here with us and wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Officer’s name,


How many days is absconding?

3-4 consecutive days of absence without any intimation and no response to the company calls will be considered absconding.

What happens if an employee absconds?

The employee will be terminated from the company services, and his full & final settlement will be kept on hold until he/she returns to company properties.

Can abscond employee rejoin the job?

Most companies don’t allow absconded employees to rejoin.

Does the employee get a salary if absconds?

Salary will be paid until the last working date of that employee, but the company has a right to hold the salary until they receive a clarification.

Can I join any company after absconding?

Yes, you can join, but you may face problems with background verification.

Will absconded employees get to experience & relieving letter?

HR can hold the experience and relieving certificates (or) sometimes they will give a negative review.


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