EPF ECR File Format in Excel Download 2021

EPF ECR file also known as the PF calculation sheet which is used to create EPF contributions text file and it is further used to create monthly EPF challans. Here you can find the EPF ECR calculation sheet with formulas for the year 2011.

↓ Download ECR File Format in Excel Format

EPF ECR File Format in Excel Download

Fields present in EPF ECR File Format

UAN Based ECR Format

S No Field Name Details
1 UAN Here we have to put the UAN number of the employee
2 Member Name Here we have to write the member name
3 Gross Wages This is also new in the ECR file, here we have to add the gross wages of employees
4 EPF Wages Basic wage of employee has to be entered
5 EPS Wages Basic wage of employee has to be entered
6 EDLI Wages Basic wage of employee has to be entered
7 EPF Contribution Remitted 12% of employee contribution
8 EPS Contribution Remitted 8.33% of employer contribution
9 EPF EPS Difference Remitted Generally it 3.67% of employer contribution towards PF, when the basic wage of an employee is greater than 15000 then it will automatically calculate the PF contribution of  employer
10 NCP Days Noncontribution period days of employee i.e absenteeism days.
11 Refund Of Advances If is there any advance taken by the employee from the PF account, then he can repay that amount here.

The latest ECR text file contains 11 fields, you can find the below to the table to know what details you need to enter in each field of ECR version 2.0 excel.

The major differences in Old ECR format and the new UAN based format are Universal Account Number, in the ECR text file 2 version UAN is mandatory in the old format we don’t need to add a UAN number. Another main difference if gross wages entry, in the old ECR format there is no need to add gross wages but in the new ECR file we employer has to show gross wages of employees also.

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