PF & ESI Calculation Excel Format 2021 Download

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use excel format to calculate your monthly PF & ESI contributions, then the below format of the excel sheet will be helpful to you. Download the below Excel sheet and enter your monthly basic wage + DA to calculate your PF contributions and enter your gross wage to calculate your ESIC contributions.

(Just enter your basic wage or gross salary to automatically calculate your monthly PF & ESIC contributions.)

The above excel format is updated as per the latest EPF and ESIC calculation formulas. Not only employees even employers can also use the above format to calculate the monthly contributions of employees towards PF and ESI.

PF Calculation Formula Percentages 2021

PF calculated on Basic Wage + Dearness Allowances
Employee PF contribution12%
Employer PF contribution3.67%
Employer pension contribution8.33%
Admin Charges for Employer
PF admin charges0.5%
EDLI charges0.5%

So total employee will contribute 12% of basic wage + DA for PF and employer will pay 13% towards employee PF and pension accounts together.

Note: If there is no DA then only basic wage is considered to calculate the EPF monthly contributions.

ESI Calculation Formula Percentages 2021

ESI calculated on Employee gross salary
Employee contribution0.75%
Employer contribution3.25%

So overall 4% of employee gross salary will be paid towards ESIC account in every month.

EPF Eligibility

Every employee whose monthly basic wage + Dearness Allowances (DA) is below 15000 Rs will become eligible for the EPF scheme. If the employee salary is above 15000 Rs, still the employee and employer can contribute to the EPF scheme based on their mutual interest.

For employers, they must have minimum 10 or above employees to register their establishment under EPFO scheme 1952.

ESIC Eligibility

Every employee whose monthly gross salary is below 21000 Rs will be eligible for ESIC scheme.

For employers they must have 10 or above 10 employees to register their establishment under ESIC scheme 1948.

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