What is Establishment ID in PF & How to Find It

EPF members need establishment code for UAN activation, every employer who is covering under employee provident fund scheme will get a 7 digit unique identification number which is known as establishment id. This establishment id varies for each organization. If you are not able to find establishment code in your PF number then here you can find complete information about the PF establishment code.

What is the Establishment ID in PF?

As I said earlier establishment code is a 7 digit number (first Two zeroes are generally Zeroes) given to each and every organization who is covering under EPF scheme 1952. For example, if the PF account number of an employee in Chennai is TN/MAS/0047628/000/0000123 then the establishment code is 47628.

What is establishment code in PF

How to Know the Establishment Code of Your Organization

There are two ways to find PF establishment id of any organization the first method is if you have your PF number then you can easily find a 7 digit establishment code based on the above image.

But most of the EPF members are not aware of their PF account numbers, in that case, they can find their PF establishment code in the Second method. In this method, they can find the PF establishment code of their organization online by using the below link…

Click here to find establishment code in PF

How to know establishment code in PF

Once the link opens, there enter your organization name, you don’t need to enter the full name, you can enter a part of your organization name, you don’t need to enter the establishment id here. Just enter the captcha appearing on your screen and click on the search.

What is PF Establishment Code Extension Account Number

Establishment code extension is a Three-digit number followed by establishment code. Organizations will be assigned with establishment code extensions such as 00A, 00B, 00C … etc. If they are not assigned ned with establishment code extension then Three zeroes “000” will be considered as the establishment extension number.

How to Use the Establishment Code for UAN activation

EPF members can use their PF number to activate their UAN number at the UAN member portal. There they need to enter their region code, office code, establishment id, establishment extension, and member id.

Establishment code for UAN

After entering all your PF number details you will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number in EPF, once you enter that OTP then your UAN number will become active. Still, if you have any doubts on PF establishment code then ask your queries in below comments section.

FAQs on PF Establishment ID

Is PF establishment code and establishment ID are the same

Yes, they both are the same, different people will call it in different ways.

What is Establishment name in PF

The establishment name means your company name. Every organization which is covered under the EPF scheme 1952 will have a unique establishment code.

If I have UAN, can I get establishment ID

Yes, you can get it, download your PF passbook online and find your PF account number and find your establishment code from it.

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