PF Number Format : Every Thing You Need to Know

PF account number or PF member id is a 22 digit unique number consists of both alphabets and numbers. Every EPF member contributing to employee provident fund scheme will get PF account number. PF account number consists region code, office code, establishment id, establishment extension and finally member id. But in general EPF members will get confused in between old PF number format and new PF number format. Here is the difference between the old PF number format and the new PF number format.

What is PF Number Format

Difference Between Old PF Number Format & New PF Number Format

The main difference between the old PF number format and new PF number formats is EPF extension number. There is no PF extension number in old PF number formats. If you want to easily identify the old PF number format and new PF number format by just observing the Zeroes. Old PF number formats don’t consist Zeroes in front of the establishment code number. Here is an example of Old PF number format and new PF number format.

Old PF Number FormatNew PF Number Format

At present old PF number formats are not in use, even if you have left your job long before still you can covert your old PF number to new PF number format based on the above example. And at the same time, each PF number is associated with a UAN number. So try to get UAN number for your PF number.

PF Account Number Format Examples

PF Number Format Chennai


TNRegion Code
MASOffice Code
0022706Establishment Code
000Establishment Extension
0000789PF Member ID

Old PF Number format for above PF account number is TN/MAS/22706/789

PF Number Format Maharashtra, Bandra


MHRegion Code
BANOffice Code
0001656Establishment Code
000Establishment Extension
0008926PF Member ID

Old PF number format for above PF number is MH/BAN/1656/8926

PF Number Format Part Wise Explanation

Region Code in PF

The first Two digits in PF account number is known as region code which represents the state name. For example in  APHYD00477310000000456 AP represents the region code i.e state name. Here AP represents Andhra Pradesh

Office Code in PF

The Three digits after region code in PF account number represents the office code which represents district name or area name. For example in APHYD00477310000000456 HYD represents office code. Here HYD means Hyderabad.

Establishment Code in PF

Every establishment which is registered under the EPFO scheme 1952 will get a unique 7 digit establishment code. For an example in APHYD00477310000000456  0047731 is establishment code of the organization. For most of the companies, the first Two digits of establishment code are Zeroes.

Extension Number in PF

The Three Zeroes followed by establishment code are known as extension number in PF. For most of the organizations, PF extension number is Three Zeroes, for some organizations the last Zero will be replaced by alphabets like A, B, C, D…

Examples for PF extension numbers:

  • CBCBE000283900K: Coimbatore PF Code Example
  • CBTRY000233800A: Trichy PF Code Example
  • GAGOA1818188000: Goa PF Code Example

FAQs about PF Account Number Format

Is PF number and UAN number are the same

No, both are different. But both the PF number and UAN numbers are interlinked with each other. When an employee joins in PF then employer first generates PF number for that employee, later employee will get UAN. This UAN will be valid for the entire life of the employee.

Once UAN is generated and employee changes job then he/she should continue the same UAN but the PF number will change. Employees need to link all their PF member IDs to their UAN number by using PF transfer form 13.

Is PF member ID and PF number are the same

Yes, they are the same. Some call it as PF member ID and some call it as PF number.

How many digits are there in PF number

Every PF number consists of 7 digits, these 7 digits are the part of the whole PF account number. Remember in every organization the last 7 digits resemble the actual PF number of the employee, it changes for every employee in that organization.

Does PF number change when I change job

Yes, PF number changes when employee change job. In every new job, the employee will get a new PF number, but UAN remains the same.

Is PF number Unique

Yes, PF number is unique for every EPF member. There are above 41 million employees are contributing to employee provident fund, all those employees will have a unique PF number and UAN number.

Can I find my PF number by using UAN

Yes, you can find it. To find our PF number go to PF passbook download website and enter your UAN number and the captcha. In your PF passbook, you can find your PF account number.

I forgot my PF number and UAN what to do

If your KYC such as Aadhar or PAN and mobile number are linked with your UAN then you can find your UAN number online at UAN member portal. Once you know your UAN then you can know your PF account number by downloading your PF passbook.

Can I get my PF number online by using my employer’s name

No, it is not possible. You can find your employer PF code online but you can’t find your PF number online by using your employer name.

Can I get my UAN number by using my Aadhar or PAN number

If your Aadhar number and PAN number are already linked with your UAN, then you can find them online at UAN member portal, otherwise, you can’t find your UAN number.

12 thoughts on “PF Number Format : Every Thing You Need to Know”

  1. Hi, I left my company back in 2011 and the PF no format is MH/xxxxx/xxxx how do I change it to a new format as I need to see my balance online and also raise a greivance. Its not accepting the greivance as is.

  2. PF No. KN/PY/BOM/46294/109708

    The above is my p.f number from my old company, I wanted to connect it to my UAN but the format is not supported.Please help

  3. My PF with previous employer has 00B as an extension but for transfer claims it is not accepting it on EPFO portal.

    Please suggest.

  4. Sir,

    Can one UAN number be active for different pf account nos, as I have left my previous job and the UAN no was generated then. Now is it necessary to generate a new UAN no.
    And how much time will it take to update my new employment status if no new UAN generation is required. I have already submitted my UAN details to my new employer but still I cannot find any updates on the UAN member portal.
    And how will I come to know whether my employer is submitting the PF amount monthly or not?

    • Hi Rishi Nair,
      Only One UAN number must be linked with all PF numbers. So it is the responsibility of the employee and employer to link previous UAN number with current PF number. After linking your UAN number you have to transfer your PF amount from previous PF account number to new PF number or you can with draw that amount. You can download your PF passbook form UAN member portal.

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