Why Do You Think You Are Suitable For This Job – 10 Answers for Freshers

The most common and difficult interview question is “Why you are suitable for this job?”. As a fresher, if you answer this question well, you will stand out in the interview. For that, a little preparation and practice is needed.

As a fresher, if you prepare in advance for this question, it will be the best chance to impress the interviewers. Don’t give any common answers like I am a hardworking person and I am a highly motivated quick learner.

By asking this question the recruiter wants to know how the candidate’s qualifications and skills align with job requirements. As a fresher, you should prepare an answer that shows your enthusiasm, understanding of the company, and how you benefit the company with your knowledge and skills. 

3 Reasons Why Interviewers Ask this Question “ Why Do You Think You Are Suitable For This Job”

1. To See You Have the Right Skills: Based on the answer to this question recruiters assess whether you have the right skills required for the job.

2. To Check If You’ve Researched The Company: Recruiters want to know whether you have done any homework on researching the company.

3. To Understand Your Attitude and Work Ethic: Finally recruiters want to know your values, goals, and work ethic so that they can evaluate whether you can fit into their work culture or not.

Why Do You Think You Are Suitable For This Job: 10 Sample Answers

Answer 1

I possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and passion for this industry. I’ve researched the company and I’m confident that I can meet your standards by delivering high-quality work. Along with that My hard work and passion make me the right fit for this job.

Why do you think you are suitable for this job sample answers for freshers

Answer 2

You should hire me because I have the necessary skills, knowledge, and passion for this work. After researching your company I am confident that my work will be useful for this company. I am also a quick learner and a hard-working person. My goal is to contribute my best to the company’s growth.

why do you think you are suitable for this role sample answers

Answer 3

I have the required skills for this job such as [List skills]. I am also able to work with softwares like [List softwares]. I understand the job requirements and I can give my best to the company. For these reasons, I am a suitable candidate for this role. 

why should we hire you with no experience example

Answer 4

As a fresher, I have the theoretical knowledge required for this job. I will work hard and put all my efforts into the company’s growth.  I am a highly disciplined and ambitious person. I finish my tasks on time that fulfill the company’s needs. 

why do you think you are suitable for this job for fresher

Answer 5

Although I am a fresher, I have all the qualifications, skills, and knowledge for this job. Most importantly, I am passionate about this field. I will utilize every opportunity and give my best work. I want to grow professionally as a part of the company’s growth.

why should we hire you for this role answer for freshers

Answer 6

You should hire me because, I have the necessary skills, internship experience, and passion for this industry. The company provides vast opportunities for professional development through training programs and opportunities. It aligns with my personal goal of continuous learning and growth. These reasons make me a right fit for this role.

why should we hire you as a student?

Answer 7

I can confidently say that I have all the necessary skills and knowledge for this job.  As a fresher, I can give innovative ideas that solve problems. My ability to learn quickly and accept challenges make me suitable for this role.

Why should we hire you for freshers best answer?

Answer 8

Throughout my academics, I have acquired the skills and knowledge required for this role.  My up-to-date knowledge and proficiency in relevant techhologies like [List technologies] make me the right candidate for this role. I am ready to invest my time and effort to excel in this role.

Why are you good for this job example

Answer 9

As a fresher in [Your Qualification], I possess the strong foundational knowledge and skills required for this job. My ability to effectively communicate helps in team building and improves productivity. I am a constant learner and adaptable to the latest trends in the industry. All these combined make me suitable for this job.

Why do you feel you are a suitable candidate for this position

Answer 10

As a fresher, I can see my job from a new perspective. I try my best to creatively solve my challenges.  My dedication, discipline, and punctuality deliver the desired results for the company. I am excellent at my communication and leadership skills, which inspire my team to achieve goals.

Explain why you should be considered for the position answer for freshers

How not to Answer the “Why Do You Think You Are Suitable For This Job” Question

1. Not Having Clarity: Keep your focus mostly on matching your skills and knowledge with the job requirements and company growth.

2. Giving Long Answers: Don’t think that giving long answers makes you intelligent. The long answers disturb your flow, and fluency and confuse the interviewer to identify your specific strengths. So, keep your answer short and simple.

3. Don’t Be Very General: Do not give the most general answers like I am a very hard-working and self-motivated person (or) I need this job kind of statements. These statements are not special and don’t help you to stand out in the interview.

4. Stay Professional: Do not discuss your financial problems, salary reasons, and irrelevant information related to “ why you are suitable for this job” questions.
Practicing the interview answers, researching the company, and dressing professionally help you in the interview.

5. Be Genuine: Try to by yourself in the interview. Don’t make any promises that you cannot keep up. 

FAQs – Why Do You You Are Suitable for This Job

1. As a fresher how can I answer this question without previous work experience?

As a fresher, you don’t need to tell anything about your experience, even the interviewer also doesn’t expect it from you. You just need to highlight your skills and knowledge relevant to the job requirements. 

2. What if I have limited knowledge or skills related to the job?

Having limited knowledge and skills is better than not having none at all. Don’t fear about your limited strengths. Like how most of the students use side headings while answering the questions, follow the same rule while answering these interview questions. Just tell the names of the skills that you have the basic knowledge required for the job.

3.  How to stop nervousness and anxiety while answering this question?

Preparing before the interview is the only solution to stop nervousness and anxiety while answering any interview question.

4. How to not sound arrogant while answering this question?

Be humble and genuine while talking with the interviewer. Don’t give overconfident statements like “I have more skills, talent, and knowledge than others who appeared for this job interview”.  (Or) If you give me this job, I will be in your position in the next few years.  etc.

5. How to stop using usage of general statements like I am a hard-working person or I am a team player etc

Try to focus on matching your skills and knowledge with the job requirements, it mostly helps in the usage of overused interview statements. Practice and get feedback after every interview. If you want to give a generalized answer, tell how it is going to help the company.
For example, if you say I am a good team player also say that it helps in collaboration and increases productivity at work.

6. What if I don’t research about the company before the interview?

It is always best to research the company before any interview. In case you missed it avoid that part of the answer. Instead,  focus on your skills,  knowledge, achievements, and passion.


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