What to Write in Experience in Resume for Freshers with No Experience

The freshers who do not have work experience can skip the work experience section of their resume. Instead, they can write about their internships and training, academic projects and research, volunteer work, part-time job details, extracurricular activities, freelance work details, and relevant courses.

As a fresher you do not need to worry about your work experience, you should highlight relevant skills required for the job in your resume. 

When your skills match the job the employers will consider you for the interview. Reading job descriptions and tailoring the resume according to every job will increase the chances of getting more interview calls.

Below are a few examples of what to write instead of experience in a resume for freshers, you can include these sections after the education part of your resume.

What to Write in Experience in Resume for Freshers with No Experience

What to Write in Experience in Resume for Freshers

1. Internships & Training

If you have completed any internships, include those details in your resume. The details should be the organization name, role, duration, and major responsibilities.

Ex: Digital Marketing Intern, ABC Marketing Agency (May – Jul2024)
Key Responsibilities:

  1. Content creation and management: Create and manage content in blogs, and social media posts, and optimize SEO.
  2. Social Media Management: Manage and engage company social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter pages.
  3. Email Marketing: Assisting in creating and executing email campaigns, managing subscriber lists, and analyzing campaign performances.
  4. Marketing research and analysis: Understanding market trends, competitor activities, and consumer behavior.
  5. Website analytics and report: Monitor website traffic using tools like Google Analytics and prepare reports for future digital marketing strategies.

2. Academic Projects & Research

If you have done any project work during your studies, include them in the resume. Highlight your project details relevant to your job. Companies prefer candidates who learn things by doing. 

Ex: Developed a “Personal Finance Management Application” as a part of my final semester project.
This application featured expense tracking, budgeting tools, and financial reporting functionalities, and was built using Java and MySQL. It successfully streamlined budget management for test users by 40%.

3. Volunteer Work

Any volunteer work shows your commitment and networking skills. So if you have any such volunteer work experience, include it in the resume. It helps the employers to know about your interests.
Ex: Volunteer at XYZ Charity, organized a fundraising event that collected 7 Lakhs.

4. Part-Time Job Details

If you have done any part-time job, include that experience in your resume even though it is not related to your job. It demonstrates your responsibility, commitment to hard work, and work ethic.

Ex: Customer Service Representative at Retail Store, effectively handled customer inquiries and maintained high satisfaction ratings.

5. Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities boost your resume. Include those details in the resume if you have actively participated in any school, college, or sports events. Some extracurricular activities demonstrate your leadership and teamwork skills.

Ex: Captain, College Cirkcet Team, led the team to victory in inter-college tournaments two years in a row.

6. Skills & Certifications

If you have certifications, courses, or skills particularly relevant to the job to which you are applying, include them in the resume.

Ex: Completed “Python  Basics” course on Udemy, gaining foundation knowledge in programming and data structures.

7. Freelance Work  Details

If you have done freelance work or consulting, include those details in the resume. It demonstrates your practical skills, self-motivation, and intuitiveness. If you have any employment gaps you can fill them with freelance work experience.

Ex: Freelance Software Developer, developed websites and simple applications for local businesses. Key projects included a small online store and a basic appointment booking system, using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

8. Relevant Courses

Listing relevant courses to the job can significantly boost your resume. This is particularly useful if you are applying for technical and specialized roles that require specific skills.

Ex: Financial Accounting course from Indian Institute of Skill Development

Studied accounting principles, financial statement analysis, and regulatory frameworks.

Analyzed financial statements in a team project, focusing on profitability and the financial health of the business.

9. Workshops & Seminars

In this section, you include any relevant workshops and seminars you have attended. These can be academic, professional, or even hobby-related. This demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends and skills.

Ex: Attended “Emerging Trends in AI and Machine Learning” Seminar, organized by ABC Tech Next, Jan 2024. Focused on the application of AI in health care.

10. Competition & Awards

If you have won any academic or extracurricular awards include that information in this action. It demonstrates that you are competitive and goal-oriented.

Ex: Secured the top position in CodeMania 2024, a nationwide coding competition organized by IT Solutions India. Developed an innovative app prototype designed to improve agricultural efficiency and farmer support in rural India.


1. 1. How do you list experience on a resume with no experience?

You don’t need to include work experience in your resume if you don’t have it. Focus on internship, volunteer work, freelance work, project details, and extracurricular activities that demonstrate skills relevant to the job.

2. How do I showcase my skills on a resume without professional experience?

You can include technical skills, communication skills, leadership and problem-solving skills, etc. Be honest and only list skills in which you are confident.

3. How do I make the unrelated experience seem relevant?

As a fresher, you can showcase whatever skills you have gained through part-time jobs or freelance work. Some skills, like leadership and good communication skills, are transferable to any job. Therefore, identify these skills and mention them in your resume.

4. What is a good headline for a resume with no experience?

i) Aspiring [Job Role] With A Strong Foundation In [Relevant Skills/Education]
   Ex: Aspiring Digital Marketing Executive With A Strong Foundation In SEO And SEM Strategies.
ii) Recent [Your Degree] Graduate, Ready To Excel In The ………………. Industry.
   Ex: Recent B.Com Graduate, Ready To Excel In The Financial Industry.
   Ex: Recent B.Tech CSE Graduate, Ready To Excel In The Software Industry.
iii) A Recent [Education] Post Graduate Who Is Both Motivated And Dynamic Is Ready To Excel In The ………… Field.
   Ex: A Recent MBA Post Graduate Who Is Both Motivated And Dynamic Is Ready To Excel In The HR Field.


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