10 Best Job Portals in India for Freshers & Experienced in 2023

If you are looking for a new job or want to change your job then you must know what are some best job search sites in India. It helps you speed up your job hunt process.  Here I am sharing the top 10 best job portals in India where most of the employers are posting their job. 

When there are so many employers are registered, then automatically they post so many jobs, so it helps the job seekers to find the right job at right time. 

Top 10 Best Job Portals in India.

  1. Naukri
  2. Indeed
  3. Foundit
  4. Linkedin 
  5. Shine
  6. Quikr Jobs
  7. Times Jobs
  8. Glass Door
  9. Freshers World
  10. NCS portal.

1. Naukri

Naukri.com is one of the most popular job search sites in India operating since 1997, it is owned by Info Edge. There are more than 28 million people are visiting Naukri every month from India.

 If you really want to get a job then the first thing you have to do is create a profile on the Naukri.com website.

Naukri is widely used by recruiters.  Mostly whenever an employer wants to find candidates for a particular job then the first thing they do is they start searching the Resdex database in Naukri, where they can see all the profiles.

Naukri services are free for job seekers, but they charge for additional services like resume building, priority applicants, job search boosters, etc. 

Hence Naukri has the largest database (7.83 crores of resumes) of job seekers, employers use it primarily to find the candidates for job openings.

2. Foundit

Found it.in is the second most popular site in India operating since 2001 India.  Formerly known as Monster.com. Foundit has more than 3 million views every month.

Having an account in Foundit will definitely help you in your job search because recruiters who cannot afford Naukri services will use Foundit.

Foundit offers state-wise RDA (Resume Database Access) packages, which will be helpful to recruiters who want to search for candidates in a particular state for a low cost.

It also offers premium services to the job seekers such as resume highlighter, career booster, Xpress resume+, etc…

3. Indeed

in.indeed.com is another widely used job portal in India. Whenever you search for a particular job in Google then you will see most of the openings from the Indeed website.

Indeed began its services in 2003 and operates in more than 200 countries

Indeed India portal has more than 3 million views every month,  it is almost equal to Foundit.

The job posting charges of Indeed are less when compared to Naukri and Foundit, so most companies prefer to post their job openings on the Indeed website. 

Indeed is best suitable for nontechnical jobs, hence the job posting charges are less most medium to large-scale companies use Indeed services for recruiting purposes.

4. Linkedin 

In.linkedin.com is different when compared with other job portals in this list. By using Linkedin you can directly connect with the recruiters.

LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your talents, skills, experience, and knowledge. Linked is getting more than 7 million views every month from India.

Linked In helps you in getting high-level jobs and network with the company founders, CEOs, and directors. 

If you want to connect with the recruiters personally then you must create your profile on Linkedin.  I recommend using Linkedin along with other job portals to get your dream job.

5. Shine

Shine.com is another reliable job portal in India, which helps both employees and employers in the hiring process.  This site has more than 3.5 million views every month from India. 

Shine.com is owned by HT Media which holds one of the most popular newspapers in India called Hindustan Times.

Shine offers premium services for both job seekers and recruiters. 

You can try Shine.com to align with the above-mentioned job portals so that your profile can be visible to more recruiters.

6. Quikr Jobs

Quikr Jobs is widely used by small and medium companies, which cannot afford huge amounts for recruiting purposes. Even individuals can also use quicker jobs service to get staff for their work. 

Quikr jobs allow you to post jobs free of cost but with limited applications visibility, but later you can shift to their premium plan to see applications.

Quikr jobs help in finding employees for local jobs.

Quikr helps you in finding jobs so fast when compared to other job portals,  but it mostly consists the low paid jobs.

But if you are looking for part-time jobs then you must try their services

7. Times Jobs

 Timesjobs.com belongs to Times Group, which runs the Times of India newspaper, another largest newspapers in India. 

There are more than 25,000 recruiters registered in times jobs. So if you register in Times jobs then your profile can be seen by them. Times Jobs has more than 1.5 million page views every month in India. 

The hiring services of Times Jobs are cheaper when compared to other job portals, so companies who cannot afford to post their jobs in Naukri, and Foundit will use the services of Times Jobs.

They also run a separate website called TechGig.com, dedicated to the IT industry.

8. Glass Door

Glassdoor.co.in is another job portal popular for their company reviews. Glassdoor helps job seekers in researching the company details and comparing the salary details with similar jobs in other companies.

You can find all the top companies’ reviews on GlassDoor,  which were given by their ex-employees. Based on their reviews you can take a decision to apply for a job in that company or not.

Having your profile in Glass Door will definitely help you in your job search. 

Glassdoor also offers premium services to employers to post job openings.

9. Freshers World

Freshersworld.com is operated by TeamLease Company, one of the top recruiting agencies in India. 

There are more than 1.5 crores of profiles are registered with freshers world, and more than 60,000 recruiters are using their services.

This site provides information about government jobs also, so along with applying for private jobs you can also get information about government jobs.

Recruiters can post free job openings on the freshers world, and depending on the response they can shift to the premium plan.

10. NCS Portal 

Ncs.gov.in site is a government website operated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The full form of NCS is National career service.

NCS is a free website, it doesn’t charge any amount for both employees or employers. 

So if you are an employer then you can post the job openings in your company for free of cost.

I recommend using the NCS services for both job seekers and recruiters to solve their job-related problems.

NCS has a toll-free number ✆ 1800-425-1514, you can call this number from Tuesday to Sunday from Morning 8 am to 8 pm. Their customer care support is available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam languages.

There are some other job portals like Placement India, Internshala, Simply Hired, Freelancer, Upwork, etc..  are also doing well in the job industry.


Which Online Job Portal is Best?

I prefer Naukri, Linkedin, Indeed, and NCS portals.

Which job portal is No.1 in India?

 Naukri is India’s no. 1 job portal and the market leader.

Where I can post job openings for free?

The NCS portal is 100%  free to post job openings, and Quikr jobs are also free with some limitations.

Which is the best site to find freelance jobs?

You can try Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr to find freelancing jobs.


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