Can My New Employer Check My Previous EPF Deductions

No, your new employer cannot check your previous EPF deductions by using your UAN number. But they can find your service history by using your UAN number in their employer PF portal.

In the below image, you can see how employers check the service history of their employees by using UAN numbers.

can my new employer check my previous EPF deductions.

“If you are mentioning fake salary details then you don’t need to worry about giving your previous UAN number to the new employer, but if you have mentioned wrong experience details then it is better to not give your UAN to the new employer.”

Why Hiding Your Previous PF Details is Not a Good Idea

At present Aadhar number of the employee is mandatory to generate a UAN number. So if you already had a UAN which was linked to your Aadhar number, then it is not possible to generate a new UAN.

And the second reason is if you keep on changing UAN numbers (not possible nowadays)  then your EPF service period will break, which will hurt your monthly EPF pension amount after 58 years of your age.

Finally, any misrepresentation of previous job details will take away your peace of mind and they may hurt at any time. Now most companies made background verification very strict. So hiding your previous job details is not a good idea.

Can We Open a New PF Account When We are Absconding from Previous Company

Once your UAN is linked with your Aadhar number then it not possible to create a new UAN with the same Aadhar number. Because at present EPFO made it mandatory to submit the Aadhar number of the employee to generate a new PF account.

So you have to continue with the same UAN whenever you join in the new job.

Can We Open a New PF Account When We are Absconding from Previous Company


Can my previous employer find where I work now ?

Yes they can know in which company you are working by using your UAN. UAN provides complete service history details for both employees and employers.

How to remove previous employer from UAN ?

It is not possible to remove your previous employer from UAN, even though you withdraw your full PF and pension amounts still your new employers can see your previous company details.

My UAN is linked to my new employer, can I withdraw the PF amount from my previous employer?

First you have to transfer your previous company PF amount to new company PF account, after successful transfer whenever you leave your present job then you can withdraw both previous and present company PF amounts.

But you can withdraw PF advance amount from the previous company PF account even without transfer.

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251 thoughts on “Can My New Employer Check My Previous EPF Deductions”

  1. Hi Rajesh,
    I am going through BGV for a company. Somehow, I have two UAN numbers out of which one is not seeded with Aadhar and is 8-year-old. I have started the process to get it seeded by my previous employer and planning to merge these two UAN numbers.
    Will it get highlighted in the bgv and would it be a problem as it must be in dormant state?

  2. Is it legal for any manpower agency to provide its temp workforce previous employment data (through UAN) with its principal employer? If not, any legal guideline restricting the same? Please share.

  3. Hello Rajesh,

    Actually previous employer mentioned wrong exit date in epf i.e 14-04-2022 but it should be 15-07-2022. Now got the offer from different company. Is there any problem for background verification.

  4. Hi Team,

    I have worked in 4 companies till now in 2nd company I absconded in 6 month. I recently noticed that there’s overlap of 18 days between 2nd and 3rd company in pf history. I asked them to change exit date and I told I will pay the amount too since I was abscond but they dint agree. Now 5th company has asked me to rectify this.. Is there any option to chnage the date requesting from my side to pf office

    Please let me know





  6. Hello Sir…Sir I have worked in a company for 2 and half months in 2021 my pf account will be created by them now it is 2023 and i apply to a company as a fresher and in website my it shows your UAN is inactive so is there any chances to find my previous company details in bgv??

  7. Hi Rajesh,
    I hope you are doing great!!!
    My pf account was opened in the month of June 2022 by A company(Non IT company) from which I resigned that A company on Aug 2022 and I withdrew all the money from pf account on Sep 2022 and I am now planning to join B company as fresher.
    My doubt is that when I checked the EPFO portal my UAN number is visible under my Aadhar card but it showing as inactive. I am thinking to hide the previous employment.
    Can you please advise if the new employer can find my previous employment?

  8. Hello Team,

    I was terminated by a employer after four months service due to background verification failure.
    Can i mention that four months experience in my CV.
    Prior to that i have 3 years experience with other organization.

  9. Hello,
    I was working with Company A from August 2021 till January 2022. Getting salary 10.

    Then with Company B from August 2022 till September 2022. Getting salary 7.

    Now I got an offer to work with Company C. Getting salary 9.5.

    I didn’t mentioned Company B in my CV and gave my salary slip details of Company A to Company C.

    Que 1. Will they know that I had worked in Company B?

    Que 2. Will it create any problem for my PF savings.

    Que 3. What can happen.

    • 1. They can know about your company B. If they are strict about background verification they consider it, otherwise, most employers ignore it.
      2. It doesn’t cause any problem to PF, you can transfer all your previous PF amounts to the latest PF account whenever you want.

  10. Hello Rajesh,

    Your doing great, also Its Making great you are replying each and every query Thank a lot for your support.

    Actually my concern currently I am working as a customer care executive in one of MNC and since long time I have been levelling up my technical skill set and now I am in the position to switch IT company and need to hide my this current and instead of this I want to show another company experience.

    so there is only chance that I can track with my UAN no and new employer can easily find my previous organisation .

    So how can I overcome this ?

    I would request you to please share with me your valuable suggestion .

    Thank you,

    • Most companies don’t use UAN for background verification.
      If you decided to shift to a new field, you should be ready to take risks
      (or) you should need to be genuine about your previous work experience.


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