Can My New Employer Check My Previous EPF Deductions

No, your new employer cannot check your previous EPF deductions by using your UAN number. But they can find your service history by using your UAN number in their employer PF portal.

In the below image, you can see how employers check the service history of their employees by using UAN numbers.

can my new employer check my previous EPF deductions.

“If you are mentioning fake salary details then you don’t need to worry about giving your previous UAN number to the new employer, but if you have mentioned wrong experience details then it is better to not give your UAN to the new employer.”

Why Hiding Your Previous PF Details is Not a Good Idea

At present Aadhar number of the employee is mandatory to generate a UAN number. So if you already had a UAN which was linked to your Aadhar number, then it is not possible to generate a new UAN.

And the second reason is if you keep on changing UAN numbers (not possible nowadays)  then your EPF service period will break, which will hurt your monthly EPF pension amount after 58 years of your age.

Finally, any misrepresentation of previous job details will take away your peace of mind and they may hurt at any time. Now most companies made background verification very strict. So hiding your previous job details is not a good idea.

Can We Open a New PF Account When We are Absconding from Previous Company

Once your UAN is linked with your Aadhar number then it not possible to create a new UAN with the same Aadhar number. Because at present EPFO made it mandatory to submit the Aadhar number of the employee to generate a new PF account.

So you have to continue with the same UAN whenever you join in the new job.

Can We Open a New PF Account When We are Absconding from Previous Company


Can my previous employer find where I work now ?

Yes they can know in which company you are working by using your UAN. UAN provides complete service history details for both employees and employers.

How to remove previous employer from UAN ?

It is not possible to remove your previous employer from UAN, even though you withdraw your full PF and pension amounts still your new employers can see your previous company details.

My UAN is linked to my new employer, can I withdraw the PF amount from my previous employer?

First you have to transfer your previous company PF amount to new company PF account, after successful transfer whenever you leave your present job then you can withdraw both previous and present company PF amounts.

But you can withdraw PF advance amount from the previous company PF account even without transfer.

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  1. Hi
    I worked in a company X for one month from which I got the salary and pf deduction for that month, I quit that company without serving notice since I have one more opportunity from company Y. I hid the details of company X because by the time I gave the interview I haven’t joined X and after joining in X I got offer from Y. I told Y that I don’t have pf account. Now will it be a problem when Y see my PF account while UAN creation.

  2. But the present working company can be able to see the history right.. what should we do at that particular situation?

  3. Hi,

    I worked in bpo company A and after releaving I kept fake experience of different company and joined in software company B. Here I gave my UAN number which is linked to my aadhar n pan, and company B deposited pf amount till 3 months. Now they are asking for complete pf statement of the fake experience company. Which I don’t have.

    How to handle this situation.


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