Can My New Employer Check My Previous EPF Deductions

The answer is No, your new employer cannot check your previous EPF deductions by using your UAN number. But they can find your service history by using your UAN number in their employer PF portal.

In the below image, you can see how employers check the service history of their employees by using UAN numbers.

If you are mentioning fake salary details then you don’t need to worry about giving your previous UAN number to the new employer, but if you have mentioned wrong experience details then it is better to not give your UAN to the new employer.

Why Hiding Your Previous PF Details is Not a Good Idea

At present Aadhar number of the employee is mandatory to generate UAN number. So if you already had a UAN which was linked to your UAN, then it is not possible to generate new UAN.

And the second reason is if you keep on changing UAN numbers (not possible nowadays)  then your EPF service period will break, which will hurt your monthly EPF pension amount after 58 years of your age.

Finally, any misrepresentation of previous job details will take away your peace of mind and they may hurt at any time. Now most companies made background verification very strict. So hiding your previous job details is not a good idea.

Can We Open a New PF Account When We are Absconding from Previous Company

Once your UAN is linked with your Aadhar number then it not possible to create a new UAN with the same Aadhar number. Because at present EPFO made it mandatory to submit the Aadhar number of the employee to generate a new PF account.

So you have to continue with the same UAN whenever you join in the new job.

Can We Open a New PF Account When We are Absconding from Previous Company


Can my previous employer find out where I work now

Yes, your previous employer can know where you are working right now. They can check your new employer details by checking your service history in their PF portal. ( Here the service history will show your new company details also)

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87 thoughts on “Can My New Employer Check My Previous EPF Deductions”

  1. Hi,
    I am currently working for TCS/BPO and now I have got an offer in another IT company with whom I have not shared my TCS experience because it was not a technical process, but I did have tech experience from a company prior to TCS. Will it be a problem when I give my UAN number to my new employer and they find out I was even working for TCS?

  2. Hi Rajesh,

    Is there any problem working in two companies and getting PF contributed to the same UAN and different PF accounts? will there be a problem for employer to contribute when there is an active PF account for the same UAN ?

    • It will become a problem when you want to withdraw or transfer the PF amount, so there is no use in running two PF accounts simultaneously and EPFO will also not allow this.
      So better close one PF account.

  3. Hello sir I am currently working one company and i got offer in another company so i applied for resignation they are saying to serve the notice period. I don’t want to serve and quit the job. As my PF and UAN already generated in the current company can not saying UAN to new employer will be a problem?

  4. Hi Rajesh
    I resign a company without serving notice period and bond so i did not take experience letter. And i selected in new company as a fresher. When i give my uan no. To new company, they check my work history? Can have i any problem due to this?

  5. Hi Rajesh,

    I am worked for two company only for 1 month each.. I don’t get relieving letter for the first company.. I joined another company recently without mentioning the previous two companies history..Have they can check with UAN?

  6. Hi,
    I worked in a marketing job earlier, but currently got a job in software company through fake experience , can u guide me how can i manage my UAN details

    • It is common nowadays.
      If your UAN is linked to your Aadhar then it is not possible to hide your UAN details, most employers don’t check service history using UAN.

  7. Dear Sir / Mem.

    Me pichle 4 saal se private Ltd. company job karta tha meri salary sirf 8000/- thi,waha mera PF bhi katta tha.lekin un 4 saal me unhone meri salary nahi badhayi. vo batate rahe agle saal badh jayegi. aur vase hi 4 saal gujar gaye same salary pe (8000 rs). salary badhayi nahi is liye mane job chhod diya.

    aur dusri jagah maine apply karne laga.
    Birth date ko kam kar k or salary me Salary 12000/- kar k
    (for example : real 01/01/1980 Replace to : 01/01/1984 – real Salary -8000 replace to 12000/-)

    Mane sare Document main me Birth date ko Replace Kiya, aur salary slip me edit kar ke 12000/- bataya. us ke alava baki sab such hai.

    finally , Dusri company ne muje select kar diya. meri expetaion salary ke saath.offer letter bhi de diya – 2 din me meri joining hai.

    salary slip main mene only salary edit kiya hai,baki details sab same rakhi hai.
    kya dusri company meri pichhli company ki salary jaan sakti hai ??
    yaha bhi PF katega to mene UAN number mene same Pichhli company ka diya hai,to UAN number se vo log salary jaan sakte hai ?

    bahut bada sawal yeh hai k mera PF vo log kateje to meri original Birth date ki jarurat padegi is company ko ?
    maine Adhaar card / pan card me keval birth date change kiya hai …
    to PF related koi problem ho sakti hai ?
    UAN no. mera pichli company ka rahega aisa company ke HR ne bataya hai.
    unhone ye bhi bataya apka PF account is company ka alag se banega, lekin UAN number same rahega..
    to kya mera PF account is comapny banayegi to meri original birth date ki jarurat padegi ?

    main bahut tension main hu ??
    corona ki bajse job muskil se mili hai, par ab yeh tension hai….

    Please sir..mem…jald se jald muje reply dijye ..2 din main joining hai…

    • Your new employer cannot see your previous salary details by using your UAN.
      When it comes to your date of birth, it may become a problem if you are applying for a govt job or if your new job requires a certain age group of employees.
      Manipulating the date of birth is not at all advisable.

  8. Hi.
    I had joined a company in october 2020 and decided to leave it after 3 months without completing my notice period.
    Is there any issue that my previous company can cause with my UAN number and PF account incase I join other company in future.

      • Hi rajesh..
        My friend joined a company and sent all details,filled forms except service agreement and bank details and sent resignation mail after 12 days and joined other company.The new company created his pf and generated his uan and paid a month’s salary but he wasn’t relived from the first one yet because they are asking to send service agreement to complete exit formalities.He doesn’t get his salary from previous one because no bank details were provided. Will they create his pf account now after receiving his resignation mail.Would it be a problem for him if they create a pf now whose uan was already generated by his current one.
        Awaiting for your reply.

        • If his present company is not asking his previous job relieving letter then it is not a problem.
          Just continue the same UAN, and transfer that one month PF contribution to the new PF account created in the new company.

  9. Thanks Rajesh for the response

    So If I provide them old UAN no then it is mandatory to provide them the reliving letter because I don’t have any relieving letter

  10. Hi Rajesh

    Actually I have worked in a company only for 2 months and they have alloted me a UAN no with ekyc but I want to join a new company and it is mandatory that I don’t have any work experience so I will provide them that I don’t have any experience .
    So will the new company will create another UAN number for me or there will be any problem?

    • If your Aadhar is already linked to your present UAN then it is not possible to create another UAN with the same Aadhar. So you have to give your present UAN to your new employer.
      In general, most employers don’t check previous employment details by using UAN.

  11. Hi rajesh, I resigned first company and I joined in one company and they created pf account on my existing UAN and now I have absconded that company and joined in another company, So my question is
    is new employer(current company) can create new pf on existing UAN ..? and is there any chance to find about my absconded company..?

    Note: My UAN is not linked with Aadhar card.

  12. Hello Rajesh,

    My present company not accepted my resignation and not releaved me and asking four months salary for getting certificates. so now decided i don’t want any certificates from current company. so i am abscanded from the company and now need to join new company with other fake exp
    Actually they are not adding PF amount on regular basis. from last seven months PF contribution is due.
    Here i have couple of queries :
    a) Can current employer track my future employment by using UAN ? and i have already applied for PF advance in EPHO portal.
    b) In case new employer knows about my fake exp by using UAN what will happen? actually I did not share my UAN with new employer.
    c) in case current company will process due PF contribution after two to three months, in my new company i can face any issues ?

    Please respond to my queries Thank you

    • Hi Naveen,

      a) Your present employer cannot see your future employment details.
      b) If your UAN is already linked to your Aadhar then it is not possible to create another UAN using the same UAN, so any way you have to give your UAN to the new employer
      c) It is not an issue.


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