How to Write Absconding Mail to HR

How to write absconding mail to HR

Absconding is when an employee exits the job without notifying the employer. Even if you decide to abscond, writing an email to HR is still advisable to avoid any future issues. When writing the email, try using ‘immediate resignation’ instead of ‘absconding’. Below are a … Read more

10+ Job Offer Letter Acceptance Reply Email Samples

Job offer acceptance reply emails

When you receive a job offer you should respond to it within 2 or 3 days. You should acknowledge a job offer by writing an acceptance email. It shows your professionalism and confirms your joining date. It is an important step when entering into a … Read more

Thank You Messages After Resignation to Boss & Colleagues

Thank you messages after resignation

It is always a good idea to thank your boss and colleague while leaving your job. It helps you maintain an effective relationship with your employer & coworkers. You can express your gratitude for opportunities, support, guidance, encouragement, and cooperation during your term of office. … Read more

Sample Holiday Announcement Emails to Employees

Holiday announcement emails to employees

Holiday notice emails must be sent to employees 1-2 days in advance of the event so that employees can plan the time off. Generally, HR or other managers will send holiday email announcements. The holiday announcement e-mail should include the date and reason for the … Read more

Subject Lines of Job Application Email [Examples]

Job application email subject lines

Recruiters receive hundreds of e-mails a day, and sometimes they don’t even check them unless there really is an urgent vacant position in the company. As a job seeker, you must do everything to get the attention of the recruiters while sending your job application. … Read more

Thanks Mails for Offer Letter Accepted

Job offer thank you emails

Thanking the HR (or) hiring manager is the first step towards reaching out to your new employer. You can also request other details such as the date of joining and required documentation, etc through the thank you mail. The thank you message should express your … Read more