Content Writer Resume Samples for  Freshers [Free Download]

In order to get a content writer job with no experience, you should highlight your content writing skills in your resume. As a content writer job seeker, it is important to keep your resume simple and at the same time unique to grab the attention of employers.

Below are a few examples of content writer resumes for freshers, which you can download in Word format and use to apply for the jobs.

Content Writer Resume Sample 1

Content writer resume for freshers

Content Writer Resume Sample 2

Content writer fresher resume template free download

Content Writer Resume Sample 3

Content writing resume sample for freshers in Word format

Content Writer Resume Sample 4

Content writing resume for freshers free download

Tips: How to write a content writer resume with no experience

  1. Start with a great career objective: As a fresher, it is better to start your resume with a solid career objective that should focus on your goals with the job. 
  2. Highlight your skills: List all your content writing skills in your resumes. Your skills are the keywords to grab the attention of the interviewers.
  3. Mention your education details: Mention your education details starting from higher to lower qualifications.
  4. Include your portfolio or projects: It is always preferable to include your works in your resume. So mention all the blogs you have or any other project works you have previously engaged in.
  5. Provide your personal details: Finally provide your personal information and interests.

Career objectives for content writer fresher resume

  1. An innovative and dedicated individual with a passion for writing looking for an opportunity as a content writer to create quality articles and become a valued part of the organization’s growth.
  2. A focused, reliable, and goal-oriented content writing job seeker has the ability to write high-quality content that is highly engaging and 100% plagiarism free.
  3. A dynamic and self-driven individual looking for a content writer position in a reputed organization where I can enhance my content writing skills and contribute to the organization’s growth.
  4. A passionate and enthusiastic content writer who wants to join a growth-oriented organization to use and enhance my in-depth research and content creation skills for organizational success.
  5. Looking for a career as a content writer with the ability to create powerful and captivating content that generates leads and creates brand awareness.

Skills for Content Writers

  1. Solid research skills
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge
  3. Ability to create original content
  4. Proofreading and Editing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  7. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  8. Copywriting
  9. Ability to meet deadlines
  10. Fast learner
  11. Proficiency in English


1. How many types of content writers are there?

There are mainly five types of content writers are there

  1. SEO writing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Technical writing
  4. Social Media posts
  5.  Email marketing

2. Difference between a content writer and a technical writer?

Technical writing consists of writing about a specific technology in detail, such as writing manuals on gadgets or applications.

Where content writing is a generalistic skill where you can write on different topics such as blog posts.

3. What is SEO in content writing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is a practice of ranking websites in first place in Google search rankings for various keywords.

4. Is content writing a good job career?

Yes, content writing is a great career with huge job opportunities in the marketplace.


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