Can We Take Leave During Notice Period in India

An employee can take leaves even during the notice period but the reason should be genuine, such as health issues of self or family members or sudden death of close relatives, etc. Until the reason seems honest employers approve the leave request. 

But if an employee applies for leave only to use the unused leaves then the companies may not allow taking the leave. Because the notice period is very important to the companies to hire a new person in place of the existing employee.

You can take one or two days of leave during the notice period for which you can use your casual/sick leave/ earned leaves. 

You don’t need to worry about unused earned leaves(ELs).  As an employee, you will be paid for the earned leave balance.  Because you will get leave encashment for unused earned leaves during full and final settlement.

Sometimes even if you want to apply for ELs during the notice period and the leave reason is genuine and your presence is not that important then the companies will allow you to use your leaves.

But when your presence is compulsory then the companies don’t allow you to take the leaves. In such cases, if you take leaves without any approval then the leave days will be marked as LOPs (Loss of Pay) and it may lead to a negative impression before leaving the company. 

It may affect your background verification process in your new job. So it is always better to behave as per your employer’s interest when you are in the notice period. Only in case of an emergency, you should apply for leave during your notice period.

Finally taking and approving leaves during the notice period is an ethical matter, it depends on the purpose of the leave and, at the same time, the importance of the employee’s presence on that particular day.

Therefore whether you are working in MNCs like Deloitte, HCL, TCS, Infosys, Genpact or any local private company, you leave approval depending on your relation with your employer.


How many leaves can I take during the notice period?

There is no rule regarding the number of leave allowed during the notice period. But in general, companies allow 1 or 2 leaves depending on the leave reason. 

What if I take leave without approval during the notice period?

You will get a loss of pay and companies can give you negative feedback during your background verification for your future jobs.

Can I take leave during the notice period to attend an interview?

If your company feels that you don’t have any important work on the day of leave request then they allow you to take the leave. But it is up to you to tell the exact reason or not. 

Generally, employees attend several interviews during the notice period, but they hide their real reason for the leave, which is common these days.

Can we take marriage leave during the notice period in India?

As a wedding is an event scheduled in advance, it is best to discuss your leave at the time of the resignation itself, otherwise, you won’t get as many leaves as you need for a wedding.

Will my notice period extend if I take leave?

Companies generally don’t, except in very rare instances.

Can I contact labour department if my employer is not approving my leave during the notice period?

Yes, you can take the help of labour department office, if your company is not giving leave in an emergency. But remember it affects your relationship with the company.


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