Employee Got Two UAN Numbers, How To Deactivate Old UAN Number ?

Did You Get Two UAN Numbers, How To Deactivate Old UAN Number : Is your employee or you got two UAN numbers and are you don’t know which UAN number has to be deactivated and how to deactivate it, then you are at the right place, here you can know completed details about what to do when an employee got  Two UAN numbers.

Employee Has Two UAN Numbers

Can I have Two UAN numbers ?

The answer is NO , every employee must have only One UAN number linked to all  his PF member ids.

Why Two UAN Numbers Generated ?

There main reason for getting Two UAN numbers are when an employee doesn’t tell the present employer about his previous UAN number which he got in his or her previous organization. In that case employee will get new UAN number.

If Employee Got Two UAN Numbers, How To Deactivate Old UAN Number

The process is simple and easy, first employee need to fill EPF transfer form 13 and submit it to PF  office. Once the amount transfers from your old UAN number to new UAN account then write an email to uanefp@epfindia.gov.in to deactivate your old UAN number. Once they deactivate it then you will get a message to your register mobile number.

So this is the process to deactivate old UAN number of the employees when he got two UAN  numbers.

Note : EPFO has released new single page composite claim forms for PF Withdrawal, they are EPF composite claim form  aadhar and EPF composite claim form non aadhar. Read this complete story.

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  1. Hi,
    I have 2 UAN no’s and the old UAN no is not seeded with Aadhar card, also the same has 0 bal, but when i am trying to claim my amount for the current UAN no, i am not able to do it since my old UAN is also linked with the same bank acc of the new one.
    what can be done

  2. hello,
    i have 2 uan. one of which i am trying to remove money and the other one i cannot find it online i have worked in a company for 3 years with the second uan and i have resigned 5 years ago , now i am a housewife i would life to withdraw from the second uan.

    please suggest what are my options.
    thank you.

    • If your mobile number and Aadhar was linked to your previous PF account, then you can find that UAN online on UAN member portal website.
      Otherwise you can know that UAN either from your employer or from the concerned EPFO office.

  3. Hello team, I have two UAN number and old UAN number I have two companies in service history back in 2017 , claim is settle in old UAN number, but due to BVG my old UAN number DOJ and DOE is not updated correctly. I have submitted the Joint declaration form and PF office has rejected stating that claim is already settled and they cannot make any changes. But my new company want its to get correct since its issue with dual employment and overlapping of companies. Can someone help me what can i do to get it corrected?

  4. Hi sir, I worked with xyz company (non technical) and they generated a UAN number. Now currently I’m working in some MNC company and they are asking to submit form 11 (UAN & PF) numbers. I’m not showing the xyz company experience in my profile. I said to the HR that I do not have a UAN number and PF account. Here I got 2 situations:

    1. My xyz company UAN number is not active now. Do i need to active and withdraw PF to delete the UAN?
    2.WIll it raise an issue with my MNC company if I do not provide UAN number in form 11 ?
    When the company tries to create new UAN number my old UAN number will get exposed and I do not want to show case it.

    Please help me with this.

  5. Hi Team,
    I have three UAN num, First and second company now current company as well, but those three account not linked and also PF amount not transferred yet, Now i like to withdraw my first and second company amount but showing error like ‘more than two UAN active’ so please guide how to solve this issue and immediately like to withdraw my first and second company amount, Current company UAN stay active.

    • You have to transfer your previous companies PF amounts to your latest company PF account by using your old UAN numbers. After completion of transfer you can withdraw the entire PF amount.

      • Hi Sir ,
        I have two UAN numbers when we transfer amount from one UAN to another UAN number does our PF account numbers also will Reflect in New UAN number

  6. Hello, i have 3 UANs. The PF amount from old UAN has been transferred to the latest one through online.

    Question-1 : Do I need to transfer EPS-service history separately from old UAN to the latest one ? If yes, pls specify the detailed steps to follow.

    FYI: In the claim-status document downloaded from the PF-Passbook portal, it shows
    “Amount and Service transferred to : xxxx ” new PF account.
    Question-2: where to check the total service history for all UANs combined ?

  7. Hello Sir,

    i have sent an email to uanefp@epfindia.gov.in to deactivate the UAN number as my number showing linked with more than 1 UAN. please let me know if email address has been changed or any other way to address this issues.

    Thanks and Regards
    Nilu kumari

  8. I left my old job & i join new job my new employer generate new UAN no. & also active my old UAN on employer portal both are active in employer portal company contributing in new UAN an not another because of both are active on one employer poral i cant remove my pf

  9. Hi Team,

    1. With Old UAN i have witdrawn PF amount and UAN is still active should i needs to deactivate?
    2. I joined another company with new UAN and i left that company also but i am jobless now and i would like to withdraw money from new UAN account.
    I am not able to see passbook details fro this UAN becuase of confliction with point 1 guess.
    I updated my bank details and itseems my previous company has to approve will they approve or should i request them?

  10. I have uan number 1011693*****…i settled the pf account and when I joined new job I continued the same uan now do I have to deactivate it like I am using the same uan since 1 year. now its active one.

  11. My 1 UAN two account opened.I already pf claim by this old member id and i am trying to advance pf my second member id account but this fail due old member id account not update exit date. so how can i get advance pf my my second member id account

  12. Dear Sir,
    I have two UAN no, Previous UAN: 100476941421 amount been settald New UAN: 1011****9193, after changing job i am try to know my una and he show to me old una on yan portal. Also he show to me new uan but like 1011****9193 not full no.
    Requesting you to deactivate my Previous uan or if possible kindly help me out to know my new uan no.
    Awaiting for your valuable response.

  13. Dear Sir,
    I have two UAN no, Previous UAN: 100618356300 amount been transferred to New UAN: 100947139207, after changing job if i am transferring amount to current pf account it’s asking Adhara to link if i am trying to link its not taking because my PAN and Adhar has been linked to my previous UAN 100618356300.
    Requesting you to deactivate my Previous id or if possible kindly help me out to link current account.

    Awaiting for your valuable response.

  14. I have two uan number .old one is already settled. Unfortunately i am wrongly activated the old uan no ,now i have new uan no which is also activated by myself in epfo member portal.When try to login with android app i cant get my passbook.and also when i try to acees my PF balance by EPFO Miss call no i get details of old UAN no linked PF account which is not exist as shown in message

    Kindly advie us to deactivate my old UAN and actvate Message alert and pass book details in my new active UAN linked PF accout,

    • Hi Raneesh,
      If your old UAN number was settled then there is no need to worry about that. You just need to change your mobile number linked to your present UAN number. You can do this in your UAN member portal.
      Login to UAN member portal- Go to manage – Contact details – Click on Change Mobile Number
      Once you change your mobile number then you will get messages to new mobile number.

  15. Dear sir,
    i would like to have clarification in below cases:

    1) Suppose an employee joins second company and we register him with his previous UAN no. then previous PF a/c no and new PF a/c no would be shown under his UAN no. then in that case do we need to merge those PF a/c number into one????

    2) in another case, suppose employee having one UAN and PF a/c number in xyz ltd. and he resign his job, after say 3 months he re join the same organization xyz ltd. now in that case, we have registered him with same UAN. now passbook shows two PF A/c no. so how to merge that number under same UAN?

    kindly guide me in detail

    • Hi Imran,
      In both cases, you can able to merge PF numbers by doing PF transfer.
      But as per my opinion in case 2 apply for PF withdrawal with previous PF account number.

      • So PF Dept would not merge automatically those 2 different PF account number under Same UAN????

        in case number 2 , we have already registered him with same UAN, so now its not possible to withdraw PF, so shall i fill Form 13 ?

        please guide,

        • Hi Imran,
          You can withdraw PF from previous PF account number, even f it was registered in same UAN. (Or) You can transfer PF amount from previous PF account number to new PF account number by filling PF transfer form 13.

          • so that means, whenever new employee having UAN no joins the organization, we have to registered with his/her existing UAN, and also we need to fill form 13?? is it correct?

            i thought it automatically merge with the existing PF a/c if it was under same UAN no.

  16. Rajesh..Thank you
    KYC approved now ..But while I am transferring online again its requiring 1) Trust details of your establishment are missing.
    2)Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.
    This is through old one UAN with previous Establishment .How can I resolve those thing .Can you please suggest me .
    Thank you

    • Hi Chintu Kumar,
      If your previous employer didn’t mention your exit date in their PF portal then they can approve your KYC details.

  17. Hi Sir,
    I want my PF in continuation but while I am going on claim transfer with UAN which is old one actually I have resigned previous establishment now I joined new establishment that’s why by mistake present employer created new UAN so now I have two UAN number .when I am updating my adhar number in old UAN but still it is pending for approval by employer but I have already resigned ,so how can I update my adhar details so going forward I can transfer my PF in new UAN .
    Could you please assist me out .

          • Rajesh- but when I am trying to transfer need to update Adhar number where as I am also trying to update my Adhar number but still its pending for approval ,so do you have any idea what action I need to take so .
            Thank you

          • Hi Chintu Kumar,
            Your KYC details have to be approved by your employer with their digital signature in their employer portal. So ask them to approve your KYC.

  18. If an employee wants to withdraw his PF amount for some reason & he join the new establishment immediately after the resign from 1st job & wants PF contribution new establishment. can we generate the new UAN or will the 1st UAN continues please let me know.


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