How to Update Bank Account Details in EPF Without Employer Approval

EPF members don’t need their employer approval to link their SBI bank account number with their EPF account.  Even without employer’s approval SBI bank account numbers can be linked with EPF accounts automatically. But for other bank accounts employer approval is mandatory.

EPF members who have SBI bank accounts can link their account number with their PF account online in the UAN member portal.

How to Update Bank Account Details in EPF Without Employer

Step 1: Login in the UAN member portal with your UAN and password.

How to link bank details with PF account online.

Step 2: Go to the Manage option in the menu bar and click on KYC from the drop down menu.

EPF bank  details linking process.

Step 3: Select bank option and enter your bank account number twice, and IFSC code.

PF kyc link online,

Sep 4: Click on verify IFSC and your IFSC code will be verified.

Step 5: Click on save option, now a OTP will be sent to your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhar.

How to update bank details in PF without employer

Step 6: Enter the OTP and submit.

Bank details link in UAN member portal.

Now your bank account number is pending for approval from the bank and you will see this message on the screen.

“ Your bank account number is being verified from the bank. After successful verification from the bank it will be seeded against your UAN. A notification has been sent to your registered mobile : 85XXXXXXXX.”

Bank account number is pending for approval in PF.

Once you get this message then within 2-3 days your SBI bank account details will be linked to your PF account without your employer approval.

Until approval your added bank details will be present under “KYC Pending for Approval” section. Once it gets approval then it will be visible under “Currently Active KYC” section.

PF bank details link without employer approval.


How to Update Other Bank Account Details in EPF

Follow the same process described above, but for other banks the request will be sent to your employer and they have to approve it with digital signature in their employer EPF portal.

Who will Approve Bank Details in EPF?

For SBI account holders the bank will approve the bank details, and for other banks, employers will approve the bank details request in their employer PF portal.

How Much Time Will it Take to Update Bank Details in EPF?

If your bank details are pending for your employer approval then they can do that immediately or whenever they are free. Most employers will take atleast and if you request them then can approve it immediately also. It depends on your employer’s willingness.

Can I Use a Different Bank Account for PF Withdrawal?

No, You have to use the same bank account which is linked to your EPF account. If you submit another bank’s cheque or passbook while applying for PF then your PF claim will be rejected.

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142 thoughts on “How to Update Bank Account Details in EPF Without Employer Approval”

  1. I left my job and want to change my account number on epfo. Is there any other bank than SBI where previous employer approval is not required.pls help me as I’m not sure how long it will take from my previous employer side

  2. Hi sir
    This is shaheena begum iam requsting last one year please approve my aadhar with my UAN.but my HR not respondinge sir he always told this month last week I will do.he toldinge last one year sir.please sir help me my kyc details approve and my pf do clearance sir thanking u sir

  3. Hi,
    In my UAN KYC, Bank details showing as approved and approved by employer. But in UAN profile, BANK fields shows as “Not Available” and because of this, I am not able to raise PF transfer request to my new employer PF account

  4. I changed my KYC Details and add a new bank in my Account. It is showing ‘pending with employer for digital signing’. how can i change my bank details without the employer’s approval. Also, I want to delete my old bank account. please guide

    • If you have an SBI account, it doesn’t require an employer’s approval.
      Once your new bank details get approved then your old bank account details will automatically become inactive.(No need to delete)

  5. I applied for withdrawal in epfo…It was rejected since the IFSC code is wrong….now I am not working…how can I update my IFSC code… I also don’t hold account in SBI…. please help me with this… thanks in advance

    • Update whatever bank account details you have, once those details get approved by your employer then you can reapply for PF.

  6. Hello sir/mam
    in epfo portal i updated my kyc detail, here in bank option column account number is correct but in the column of name my father name have been registered and same approved by my employer too .

    please suggest how to rectify it.

  7. I had added a Union Bank account in connection with the pf site. The first reply was that it was a tempered account. Added again and it shows as Verification on process. It has been showing the same status for 2 weeks now. Anyone who knows how to solve this problem can tell me

  8. I have UAN , my adhar number was linked to UAN ,But bank account number was not linked, present that company was closed from last year ,no employee are their, how to add my account number in PF please tell me bro

  9. sir, I have a joint account with my wife under epfo and was verified by employer, but at the time of claim i changed account type i.e joint to single but the account number was same, and unfortunetly my claim is rejected with this message Claim Rejected STRIKING IN JOINT HOLDER NAME WITHOUT ANY ATTESTATION ALSO JOINT A/C OTHER THAN SPOUSE IS NOT ACCEPT
    kindly give me the solution as soon as possible

    • It is better to get a new passbook or cheque with only your name on it.
      Also, check whether your uploaded bank passbook has a bank officer’s signature and stamp on it or not.
      If you are uploading a cheque then make sure your name is printed on it.

  10. Hello,

    Please help me as I applied for pf withdrawal and my UAN updated bank /aadhar details are correct . My last to last company pf claim was settled on same account and now I applied claim for pf withdrawal by same bank link uan and Now claim was rejected again and again with status invalid bank/aadhar details.
    Can you please suggest me what can I do now?

  11. hello,
    I left job in July month and i want to withdraw my PF amount now. I have BOI bank added in UAN and applied for claim but my claim was rejected again and again with reason invalid bank/Aadhar details but as informed you that my last to last company was settled my claim with same bank details. then why my claim is not in under process.

    Can you please assist me what can I do now.

  12. I left job in July month and i want to withdraw my PF amount now. I have HDFC bank added in UAN but before withdrawal I want to change my bank account to Kotak.
    As far as i aware adding bank account other than SBI, approval for same will goto employer.
    But as i already left the job not sure how this bank account change approval will be done.
    Can you please assist me how can I change my bank account.

    • First, you have to update your new bank details on the UAN portal.
      Then your employer can see your pending request on their employer PF portal, if they approve it, your new bank details will be activated.
      To fasten the process you can intimate your employer otherwise they will do it whenever they open their employer PF portal.

  13. Hello sir ji,
    Please can anyone provide the exact solution for this issue..?
    I applied PF on Nov 4th 2021 but it got rejected due to no name not avail on my Citibank canceled cheque, so i updated my bank account number as per Aadhar name but it has been rejected again due to name mismatch,
    and i went to my bank account home branch and changed name in bank account as per Aadhar and submitted to EPF portal again but here at portal,
    under ”KYC History (Approved/Rejected/Invalidated)” bank details showed as verified online by bank ,
    under ‘Currently Active KYC’ also also showed as verified online by bank ,

    But it prompted me again to update the bank details while trying to claim the PF
    please help me to resolve this issue
    ”Please update your latest Bank account no. and valid IFSC details through your employer/Unified Portal.”

    Thank you,

    • Except for SBI, other bank accounts need employers’ approval to update in the UAN member portal.
      In your case, City bank was approved without the employer’s approval.
      So better register a complaint on the EPF grievance portal (or) again update the same bank account details on the UAN portal.


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