Letter to Inform Staff of Employee Termination

Terminating an employee is really a very sad thing in any organization, but it in some cases due to the poor performance of the employee or absenteeism etc employees will get terminated by their employer. Here we are not discussing the termination process of employees, here we are discussing how to inform other employees that a particular employee is terminated. Here is a sample letter to inform staff of employee termination.

Letter To Inform Staff Of Employee Termination

Sample Letter to Inform Staff of Employee Termination

Dear All,

This is to inform you about the termination of Mr ____________(Name).  Due to some unfortunate reasons and keeping in a view of future of the organization he was terminated by the company management and he has been completely relieved of his duties w.e.f _____(Date).

So we request you to please adhere to the company rules and regulations and we need all your support for the growth of the organization.



If you want to send an email to all the staff members then also you can use the above letter format to inform the termination of the employee.

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Why Employer Needs To Inform Staff About Termination Of Employee

  • By informing the staff about termination makes them to not share any confidential data with the terminated employee.
  • It creates an atmosphere that company is following rules and regulations strictly.

How To Do Announcement Of Employee Termination

  • You can send an email to the all the staff members or you can send a circular to each and every department regarding the termination of the employee.
  • Communicate the real facts behind the termination of the employee

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