No Record Found In PF Claim Status – What To Do Now ?

If your PF claim status is showing as “No record found” then it has 2 reasons. One is your PF claim forms are not reached to your PF office and second reason is technical problem with EPF website. If you find your claim status earlier and if it is not showing now then it is due to the technical problem with EPF website. It is very common problem, and you don’t need to worry, within One or Two days your claim status willbe updated again.

If Your Claim Status is Not Updated Even Once after 7 Days from the Date of Submission of your PF claim Forms then Read This:

Employees who claim their PF amount which may be PF, pension or PF transfer can check the claim status at EPF claim status portal. Generally, the status of an EPF claim application or transfer application will be updated within 2-3 days for online claims and for offline claims it will take maximum 1 week.

No Record Found Or No Claim Found For This Member ID In PF Claim Status

But for some EPF members even after 1 week also the claim status will not be updated and they get a message that “no record found in PF claim status”. Generally, the time taken for the status update in PF portal will be based on the working speed of your regional EPF office employees.

If they process your PF claim forms in a fast manner then your claim status will update immediately, but if they don’t do that then it will take some time. In the mean time you can see ” No Record Found or No Claim Found for This Member ID” message while checking your PF claim status.

No Record Found In PF Claim Status

So if your PF claim status is still showing no records found even after 7 days then you have to know the exact reason behind that. For this you need to raise a grievance at PF portal then within One or Two days, you will get a reply from your regional EPF office.

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At present raising grievance or contacting your regional EPF office is the only options to know the reasons behind no record found in PF claim status problem.

But remember before raising a grievance in PF portal you have to check whether your PF application forms have reached your PF regional office or not. Because in some cases EPF members who send those claim forms through courier may not reach their PF office, in that case, their claim status will not be updated.

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  1. hi , i have 2 questions.1st my claim status showing not available but i saw reason passbook it transfered to present account some amount.but pension amount not transfered. there is no changes in reason still not available aug21st to sep14 more than 20days done. 2nd question i registered for withdraw for settlement from my present account it will come or not for settlement.

  2. Hello Sir,

    My PF online transfer claim status shows “NOT Available”. What does it means?
    Could you please let me know how much time it will take to transfer my PF?

    • It will take maximum 20 days to complete the PF transfer process.
      The status will be updated after 2-3 working days from the date of claim.

  3. i have cliam my pf on 7th july still its showing resin what shuld i do today is 14th august
    its not move to next proses pls give a sugest

  4. Sir I raised claim on umang app on 2nd feb ‘23 however till now it didn’t travell to Epfo portal. Whencer I call helpline they say there is technical issue Please advice how to proceed. Thanks

  5. I have claim my pf online for pf final settlement but while checking the claim status it is showing no claim found can you please let me know the reason

  6. one case is disposed saying upload documents , for father name correction , even though i have sent hard copy through courier and soft copy trough mail grievance is disposed , new grievance is not registering saying no record found and upload not possible because case is already disposed

    • It is more than 20 days, therefore it is better to register a complaint on the EPF grievance portal website to solve your issue.

  7. Sir mra naam CHAWAN SINGH hai sir mne 7/12/2021 ko claim kiya tha lakin abhi tk under process dikha raha h or mujhe argent h.. thank-you


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