EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process for PF Form 19, 10C & 31

When an EPF member submits his EPF claim forms to PF office either in online or offline then with in 2-3 days their PF claim status will be shown as “EPF claim status under process”. If your claim status is also showing like that it means your claim was sucessfully submitted & you will get your PF claim amount within 7-15 days for online claims and 15-30 days for offline claims.

EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process

EPF Claim Status Under Process For Form 19 & 10C

You can see this message when you have claimed PF and pension amounts by submitting PF form 19 and PF pension withdrawal form 10c in online.

EPF Claim Status Under Process Form 31

This type of message will be seen, when you have applied for PF advance amount for housing or marriage or education or medical purpose.

EPF Transfer Claim Status Under Process

If you applied for PF transfer from one PF account number to another PF account number by submitting PF transfer form 13 either in offline or offline then you will get the EPF transfer claim status under process message.

Whichever the form you submit it may be PF form 19, Pension form 10 C,  PF advance form 31 or PF transfer form 13 still it is common to get a status like EPF transfer claim status under process after 1 or 2 days from the date of submission of the claim.

How Much Time PF Withdrawal Take

When a person submits PF claim forms like form 19 or 10c or PF composite claim forms then their PF amount will be credited into their bank account within 15-30 days. If a person claims PF amount online at UAN member portal then they will receive their PF amount within 7-15 days. In some cases, it will take maximum 30 days to receive PF claim amount.

My EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process So When Will I Get My PF & Pension Money

Generally, when you claim your PF amount in online then within 5-10 days you will get your claim amount and when you claim your PF amount in offline then it will take 15-30 days to get your PF amount.

In the meantime after 1 or 2 days from the date of submission of the claim or PF withdrawal forms your claim status will be shown as EPF claim status under process.

Once EPFO approves your claim then your claim status will be changed to “pf claim approved payment under process”, once the EPFO credits your PF amount then the status will be changed to PF claim settled payment sent via NEFT.

If EPF member gives correct bank account details then soon PF amount will be credited to the bank accounts of EPF members. But remember both PF (Form 19) amount and pension (Form 10C) amounts will be credited into your bank account within few hours gap. Sometimes it may take more than 24 hours.

How Will the PF Amount Be Credited

At present employee provident fund is paying the PF claim amounts through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer). In general NEFT transfers will happen within 3 hours, but it depends on the beneficiary bank accounts. In general, it is taking 24-48 hours to receive the PF claim amount once your claim status shows payment sent via NEFT message.

EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process For More Than 10 Days

  • It happens in very rare cases, but it doesn’t mean that your claim is rejected. It has 50-50% chances for your claim rejection. The reason for this is your data may not be updated in EPFO database or EPFO officials kept your application for pending for further verification.
  • If you are also facing the same issue then it is better to raise a grievance at PF portal, then 24-48 hours EPFO officials will check your application and they will mail you the exact reason for the delay of your EPF claim.

What To Do If Your Claim Gets Rejection

If your claims get rejected then the reason for rejection will be updated in PF claim status portal. If the rejection happens due to the employee mistake then the rejected PF withdrawal forms will be sent to employee address. If rejection happens due to employer mistake then the rejected forms will be sent to the employer address.

If you have claimed in online you have to correct the mistakes and again apply for EPF claim.

How Many Days It Will Take To Get PF Amount After Re-Submission Of Rejected Claims

If your claim is rejected due to wrong bank account details like a wrong bank account number or IFSC code, then you need to submit PF re authorization letter to your regional EPF office.

After submission of PF reauthorization letter within 7 -10 days, you will get your PF claim amount.

If your PF claim rejection happens due to any other reasons like wrong personal details or due to authorized officers signature mismatch then again you need to claim your PF amount after solving the problems.

Still, if you have any questions on EPF claim status shows under process then ask them in below comments section.

166 thoughts on “EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process for PF Form 19, 10C & 31”

    • Hi Andre,
      It almost completed 1 month, in general it doesn’t take that much time. So better raise a grievance at PF portal to know why your PF claim is delaying.

  1. I m Rosy.
    I have applied PF Pension on portal on 18th of July 2019 and yet my claim status is showing under processing raise so how much day to settle my account
    Please suggest.

  2. Hi sir
    I have applied for pf money on 21st july 2019, but now its 9th of august 2019 i did receive any amount in my bank. its being a loong time. my claim status shows that ur claim is under process, how much time they will take to settle the amount i need it urjently.

    Bhagwat singh rawat

  3. Hi Sir,

    Good day

    I have one doubt I am applied on 1st July 2019 form 19 and 10c…… Normally it takes 15 days to change under process to settle status…. I transferred my old concerns amt into current concerns…i is transferred on 8th july2019…may I think it takes some time….

    But my doubt is they are responsed to change the status with in 10-30days…. It’s a working days or else including govt holidays and week end also calculated…

    Sabarish G

  4. My claim amount returned to EPFO due to mismatch in account number, when this amount will be credited back to my PF passbook, if re-issue form not submitted in time.
    Pls advise.

    • Hi SS,
      It will take 10-15 days, in the meantime submit PF reauthorization form or correct your bank account details at UAN portal and after approval of your employer reclaim your PF amount.

  5. Sir,I have submitted claim form 19 & 10C both on 19th July and same day claim sent to field office and it still showing status under process.When will get claim approve??? please help me.

  6. Hi sir,

    Good day,

    Tis is Sabarish from tamilnadu,

    My PF office is from Mumbai bandra,

    I raised my claim on 1st July 2019,

    But still now showing under process sir,

    I raised 3 grievances against my pf office regarding my pf claim still under process,

    But my all grievances are also showing under process,

    Sir plz advise me what is my next step,

    May I reach higher officials orelse wait for somedays

    Regards with,

    Sabarish G

    • Hi Sabarish G,
      You can send a reminder at grievance portal still if they don’t respond call to the respective EPFO agent. You can find the phone number in grievance status.

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