PF Admin Charges Calculator 2021 | How to Calculate PF Admin Charges

What is PF admin charges: Every employer along with 12% of employer PF contribution will pay additional 0.5% as PF admin charges, these charges are calculated on employee basic wage & dearness allowances.

If there is no dearness allowances then only basic wages will be considered for calculation.

PF Admin Charges 2021 & Account Numbers in PF Challan

A/c 1 (Employee and employer PF contribution)12% + 3.67%
A/c 2 (PF admin charges)0.5%
A/c 10 ( Employer pension contribution)8.33%
A/c 21 (EDLI contribution by employer)0.5%
A/c 22 ( EDLI admin charges)NIL

All these account numbers and amounts are present in EPF challan generated on every month.

How is PF administrative charges are calculated

PF admin charges are calculated on EPF wages i.e employee basic wage + Dearness allowances. Based on the charges mentioned in the above table these admin charges are calculated or you can also use above PF admin charges calculator.

How to pay PF admin charges

PF admin charges will be paid along with monthly PF contributions on or before the 15th of every month for the previous month’s wages of employees. So you don’t need to pay PF admin charges separately, while generating ECR the PF admin charges will also be calculated automatically.

What is minimum PF admin charges (A/C no 2)

The minimum PF admin charge is 500 Rs i.e if the total amount after calculation is less than 500 Rs then the employer should pay a minimum PF admin charge of 500 Rs in A/c no 2.

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      Inspection charges need to pay when when establishments are exempted from PF scheme i.e when establishments have their own PF trust. In that case 0.18% inspection charges has to pay, it is calculated on employee contribution amount.


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