How to Calculate PF Admin Charges in 2019

What are PF admin charges: EPF admin charges are 0.50% of total EPF wages in a month. Every employer who is contributing to employee provident fund scheme 1952 needs to pay EPF admin charges. The employer should pay these charges on or before 15th of every month. EPF admin charges are shown in account number 2 of EPF challan.

PF Challan Account Numbers

Account no 1: Employer PF contribution of 12% + Employee PF contribution 3.67%

Account no 2: PF admin charges 0.50%

Account no 10: Employer pension contribution 8.33%

Account no 21: EDLI charges 0.50%

Calculation of EPF Admin Charges in 2019

The present EPF admin charges in 2019 are 0.50% of total PF wages. PF admin charges are calculated on total EPF wages in a month.

The percentage of EPF admin charges for the last few years

YearEPF admin charges
June 2018 onwards0.50%

PF Admin Charges Calculation with Example

PF admin charges calculation

PF admin charges calculation formula = Total EPF Wages X 0.50%

For example, if the total EPF wages of an establishment in a month is 652861 Rs then the PF admin charges calculation is as follows

= 652961 X 0.50% = 3264.305 = 3265 (Round Figure)

Note: Employer should pay a minimum 500 Rs PF admin charges when the calculated PF admin charges are below 500 Rs.

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    • @ Srinath,

      Inspection charges need to pay when when establishments are exempted from PF scheme i.e when establishments have their own PF trust. In that case 0.18% inspection charges has to pay, it is calculated on employee contribution amount.


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