PF Transferred but Pension Fund Not Transferred Why?

While transferring your PF to a new PF account your pension amount will also transfer but that amount will not be visible in your new PF passbook, and you can withdraw that pension amount without any problem.

Why Pension Contribution is Not Transferred in EPF?

The purpose of EPF pension is to give security to the EPF member after retirement, so when you transfer your PF amount then your new PF passbook will not show the transferred pension contribution. But still the pension fund transfers.

If your total service is below 10 yrs then you can withdraw that amount after leaving your job. If your service reaches above 10 yrs then you will get a monthly pension amount after 58 yrs of your age.

Note: In PF, 9 years 6 months service will also be considered as 10 years. So even if you work for 9 years 6 months, still it will be considered as 10 years.

Pension Calculation Formula: (Average Basic Salary + DA) X No of Years Of Service) /70

What is The Pension Fund in PF Passbook

Like an employee, every employer will also contribute 12% of employee 7basic salary to the PF account of the employee. But in which only 3.6% will go to the PF account of the employee and the remaining 8.33% will be deposited to the pension account of the employee. This will be considered as a pension fund of the employee.

EPF members can withdraw this before 10yrs of service, after 10 yrs they can’t able to withdraw it. Either they have to wait until 58yrs of age or they can get a scheme certificate.

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How Can I Know that My Pension Service Period Transferred or Not

EPF members can check their service history easily at the UAN member portal. For that log in to UAN member portal in menu bar go to view option, and click on service history

How to check service period in UAN portal

Once you click on service history then your service history associated with various PF accounts linked to that UAN number will appear.

How to check service history in UAN portal

Can I Withdraw or Transfer My Pension, Which is Best?

The primary aim of EPF is to support the employees after their retirement, especially pension is the major support to the private employees when they become old. So it is always better to transfer your pension amount whenever you change your job.

Still, you have an option to withdraw your PF amount whenever you need it, like in the form of PF advance or complete PF withdrawal after leaving the job. So don’t touch your pension amount until you complete 58 years and use the benefit of EPS monthly pension after your retirement.

Will I Get Pension Really After Retirement

Yes, without any doubt you will get your monthly pension after retirement, for that, you need to submit form 10D to your PF office either offline or online. Some employees withdraw their pension because of fear of doubt about the monthly pension.

But you don’t need to have any such kind of doubts because EPFO is very genuine in settling claims and it is under the control of the central government, so you don’t need to worry about it.

What Happens to Pension Amount If Employee Dies Before 58 Years

Unfortunately, if the employee dies before 58 years then the nominees / legal heirs will get that monthly pension for that they need to submit form 20 and form 10D to their regional EPF office.

Every EPF member who is contributing to EPF will also become eligible for EDLI (Employee Deposit Linked Insurance) Scheme. Under this scheme also nominees will get some amount, for that they need to submit form 5IF.

64 thoughts on “PF Transferred but Pension Fund Not Transferred Why?”

  1. Sir,
    This has been my question over the last several years but had never been clear. Your blog here answers some of my questions – thanks for it, but still i have queries:
    I have been employed since 2004 and i have never withdrawn my PF when i have changed my company. However, in my UAN site, only last3 years of my service is shown under Service History as my UAN is linked only to my last PF accounts as i had transferred the amount from previous PF accounts. So in this case:
    1. What is my status of my PF fund?
    2. How do i know if its transferred for my 18 years of service from other organizations?
    3. Is there anything i need to do to reflect my 18 years of Service since in UAN site it shows only my last 3 years and my older PF accounts probably makes no sense to be linked


    • If you haven’t transferred your PF amounts yet, then better transfer them to your latest PF account.
      1. You can withdraw your PF amount whenever you leave your job. (after 2 months from your last working date), but you cannot withdraw your pension as your total service is above 10 yrs.
      2. If your PF is transferred then it is the confirmation that both your service and pension are also transferred. You can find your service details under service history after transfer.
      3. No need to do anything else. Just transfer all your PF amounts to your latest PF account and continue the same UAN whenever you join the new job until you get 58 yrs of age.
      If you don’t want to work up to 58 then apply for a pension scheme certificate and submit it to the PF office when you are about to cross 58.

      • Thanks a lot for the clarifications. yes – I have transferred all my PF amounts to the latest PF account. Thanks for clarifying my long standing doubt. But in my UAN account, in Service History, it just shows my last 3 years of Service only. Any idea why?

    • Check if your old PF account is linked to different UAN number or not linked to any UAN at all. If yes, then link both PF accounts to your latest UAN. You can have many PF accounts, but only one UAN.

  2. I have now switched to a new company and joined here 2 years before. In my previous company they had given pension contribution which is showing in passbook.

    I was able to transfer PF from my old company to new company. Pension amt was not transferred. When i checked with my current employer he had mentioned the pension details will not show in current passbook .

    So how do i get my pension amount. Do i need to wait for 58 years or if i dont have a job i can withdraw this amt ? Again when i withdraw my Pf will this pension amount also will come or is there any seperate form for Pension withdrawal ?

    • Note: I already have more than 10 years of exp. In my previous company i worked for 3 years and previous to that another company for 7 years and in current for 3 years now..

      • The transferred pension amount doesn’t show in your latest PF passbook.
        As your service is 10 yrs, you cannot withdraw your pension amount, you will receive that amount as a monthly pension after 58 yrs of your age.
        But you can withdraw your PF contribution whenever you leave your job.

  3. Hello sir,
    I have transferred my amount from old PF account to new PF account, Employee Share and Employer Share only transferred, not transferred Pension Contributions.

    My doubt is my Pension Contributions amount having both PF account. (old pension and new pension)

    is it correct or i can get both pension amount in future.

    Please help me

    • Yes, you will get it in the future whenever you withdraw before 10 yrs of service.
      If your total service crosses 10 years then you will become eligible for monthly pension after 58 yrs of your age.

  4. Hello Sir

    I have worked in 3 different organisations. My PF amount wasn’t transferred from Employer 1 to Employer 2 due to I had pension account with Employer 1.

    But mistakenly in Employer 2 didnt opt for Pension contribution. when i tried to Transfer PF from Employer 1 to Employer 2,

    the request is getting rejected saying, Pension contribution mismtach. then i asked Employer 2 to make Pension Contribution and this is done

    In the due course I joined Employer 3, applied for Transfer from Employer 2 to Employer 3 that is also done.

    My Query is how to transfer from Employer 1 to Employer 3

    Kindly guide me on how to resolve this and whom to approach.

    Thank you

  5. Hello Sir,

    I have pension contribution for both Trust & non trust employer. four month back i left my previous organization which has Trust PF and i have initiated PF transfer. Current Employer has Non Trust PF.
    How can i track pension contribution of Trust employer like how much was Pension contribution because its not visible on EPFO portal like Non trust PF.

    Also after 58 how much pension i will get how it is calculated is there any formula .

  6. Hello sir I have withdrawn a pf amount from UAN portal but I didn’t drawn pension contribution .now I have joined a new company pf is automatically transfers from old company to new company. Now can I transfer old eps company to new eps company pls suggest me..

  7. Dear sir ,
    i have transferred my pf to new employer but i need to withdraw old employer pension along with new employer pf. plz help me as i have left new job within 2 months

  8. Sir,
    i work in a company, after some time i had given a break and i have withdrawal my full and final payment (Form 10 and 19). After some i have again jointed same company and worked for 2 years. my pf also deposited in same PF account. i leaved job now from this company. Now when i try to withdrawal my full and final payment. my form rejected and showing that your settlement already done. Plz suggest

    • Have you updated the date of exit of your last company, if not try withdraw your PF amount after updating your date of exit.


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