PF Transferred but Pension Fund Not Transferred Why ?

PF Transferred but Pension Fund Not Transferred: You are reading because after successful PF transfer claim only your PF amount was transferred to new PF account but your pension fund was not transferred.

After successful PF transfer, your new PF passbook will appear like this and which shows the transferred PF amount from the old PF account, you can observe it in below image.

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PF Transferred but Pension Fund Not Transferred
In this image, you can observe only PF transferred no pension

Why Pension Contribution Not Transferred?

In general during  PF transfer process pension fund of the employee will not transfer into the new PF account of the employee, instead of that pension amount will be considered as service history.

i.e your pension contribution period with the previous employer will be continued with present employer. For example, if you have 2 yrs pension contribution in old PF account, when you transfer it to the new employer then the pension fund will not transfer only the 2  yrs service period will transfer.

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So after attaining 58yrs of age, you will get this amount as a monthly pension, or you can get a scheme certificate if you have completed 10 yrs of service.

But remember only pension amount will not get transfer during PF transfer process, but PF amount will transfer to new PF account without any problem.

So if you are worrying about “why PF transferred but not pension” then don’t worry because during every PF transfer process only PF will transfer not pension fund.

If you want to learn some more information about pension fund then read this

What is the pension fund in PF passbook: Like employee, every employer will also contribute 12% of employee 7basic salary to the PF account of the employee. But in which only 3.6% will go to the PF account of employee and remaining 8.33% will be deposited to the pension account of the employee. This will be considered as a pension fund of the employee.

EPF members can withdraw this before 10yrs of service, after 10 yrs they can’t able to withdraw it. Either they have to wait until 58yrs of age or they can get a scheme certificate.

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How an EPF Member can Check Service History

EPF members can check their service history easily at UAN member portal. For that log in to UAN member portal in menu bar go to view option, and click on service history

How to check service period in UAN portal

Once you click on service history then your service history associated with various PF accounts linked to that UAN number will appear.

How to check service history in UAN portal

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