Salary Slip for 15000 per Month (with PF & without PF)

If your salary is 15,000 Rs per month then the salary break up should be 40-50% basic wage, 50% HRA (on basic wage), 1600 Rs is conveyance allowances, 1250 Rs is medical allowances and balance amount should be included under other allowances.

When it comes to deductions 12% PF on basic wage, and 0.75% ESI on gross wage will be deducted every month. And professional tax will be deducted as per your state professional tax slab rates.

Salary Break up for 15,000 Rs per month

Basic wage (50%)7,500 EPF (12% on basic wage)900
HRA (50% of basic in metro cities & 40% in non metro cities)3750ESI 0.75% on Gross salary112
Conveyance / Transport allowances (Fixed) 1600
Medical Allowances1250
Other allowances (Gross – All allowances)550
Total Earnings15000Total Deductions1012
NET SALARY (Total Earnings – Total Deductions)13,988 Rs

Salary slip for 15,000 Rs per month (with PF & ESI)

Salary Slip for 15,000 Rs without PF and ESI


Is PF mandatory for 15000 Rs salary ?

EPF is mandatory if your basic wage is less than 15,000 Rs and if your company has 20 or above 20 employees. 

How much professional tax should I pay on 15000 Rs per salary?

The professional tax slab rates vary in each state, you have to pay it as per your state rules. Here are the professional tax slab rates state wise.

How to get my salary slip?

You can get your latest salary slip by asking your employer.

Is 15000 Rs a good salary ?

If you are in the starting phase of your career and the cost of living in your locality is not high then it will be a good salary. But you have to keep on looking for better opportunities.

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  1. I want to know for how is the employee PF and ESI contribution as well employer PF and ESI contribution will be deducted from the 15000/- salary per month (both from 15000 itself)

  2. As mentioned above, Is it the right way to calculate PF for those who earn less than 15000/-. PF says to pay PF contrition for whole gross salary if employees gross is less than 15000/- and Basic cannot be defined for them.

    Please give a clarity


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