Travelling Allowances (TA/DA) Expenses Bill Format in Excel | Download

Travelling allowances and daily allowances(TA & DA) are given to employees whenever they travel on company work. Employees can claim their transport expenses such as ticket charges, petrol charges or diesel charges and other expenses like food & lodging charges.

To claim travelling allowances you need to submit travelling allowances reimbursement form, here you can download TA DA bill in Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

TA/DA Bill Excel Format

Travelling Allowances (TA/DA) Expenses Bill Format in Excel

How to Fill up TA/DA Claim Bill

  1. Before filling up TA/DA bill make sure you have all the bills like travel tickets, fuel bills, food & accommodation bills with you.
  2. Write your name, employee id, designation, and department in which you are working.
  3. Write from which place to which place you have travelled and the departure & arrival dates.
  4. Mention the purpose of your travel.
  5. Write how much you have spent on your travel, and attach all the supporting bills.
  6. Finally, sign the TA/DA bill.

You have to submit this TA/DA bill to your company’s accounts department, they will verify the bills and if everything is fine then your claim will be approved by the respective head of your company.

If you have taken any cash advance before starting your journey, then that amount will be deducted and the balance amount will be reimbursed to you.


How much travel allowances Can I claim?

You can claim whatever the actual amount you have spent on your journey, but you should know your limit before spending the amount on various expenses. If you overspend then you have to justify your expenses.

How much TA amount will I get per Km?

It is different for each company. Every company will have their own rate of per Km charge but in most cases it is in between 15-50 Rs including all the expenses.

Will employers rejects TA/DA bill?

If they find any discrepancies in your travelling bill then the accounts department can reject your bill and ask you to submit a new bill or you have to give a valid explanation about why did you spend that much money on travelling.

How much time will it take to receive my TA/DA bill?

Some companies will pay the TA/DA reimbursement amount immediately after the approval of your bill and some companies will pay it with in 7-10 days.

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