What is Annexure K in PF & How to Download Annexure K PDF Online

Annexure K is an EPF document issued to the EPF members whenever they transfer their PF amount from exempted to the unexempted establishment (or) unexempted to the exempted establishment. 

Annexure K consists of the previous establishment’s PF account details such as PF member ID, UAN number, and PF amount details.

Exempted EstablishmentUnexempted Establishment
Companies that maintains their own EPF trustCompanies where PF is managed by the Employee provident fund organization.

How Annexure Looks Like

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Use of Annexure K in PF

Annexure K is a documentary proof that consists of how much PF amount was transferred in between exempted to unexempted establishments and vice versa.

Earlier EPF members used to apply for PF transfers offline, at that time the new employer used to ask the EPF member to submit annexure K.

But now EPF amounts are transferring online, so at present, there is not much use of annexure K.

But there are some times when you transfer your PF amount from unexempted establishment (normal establishment) to exempted establishment (PF trust), then the new employer i.e exempted one will ask you to submit the annexure K.

If you transfer PF from exempted to the unexempted establishment, then there is no need to submit Annexure K to anyone. But you can download your annexure K online on the UAN portal and you can also check transferred PF amount on your PF passbook.

How can I get Annexure K in PF

If you have applied for PF transfer from exempted to un exempted establishment then you can download your annexure K PDF format on your UAN member portal.

If you are transferring your PF from unexempted to exempted establishment then you can get annexure by raising a request on EPF grievance portal or your new employer can also  download it from their employer PF portal.

How to Download Annexure K PDF by Employee

You can download your PF annexure K online, whenever you have transferred the PF amount from exempted to the unexempted establishment.

Step 1: Go to the UAN member portal and login with your UAN and password.

can employee download annexure k in pf

Step 2: Now go to online services on menu bar and click on download Annexure K.

annexure k pdf download online

Step 3: If your PF was already transferred from exempted to unexempted then you can find an option to download your Annexure K.

Click on download symbol and your PF Annexure K will be downloaded in PDF format.

download annexure k

How to get Annexure K from EPF Grievance Portal

If you have transferred your PF amount from unexempted (normal establishment) to exempted (trust) then you have to raise a request on the PF grievance portal to get your annexure K.

Step 1: Go to the EPF grievance portal and select status as PF member & login by using your UAN number and OTP.

annexure k download pf grievance portal

Step 2: Now select your gender, enter your address, email id and other required details.

annexure k request to epfo

Step 3: Now under grievance details click on your previous PF account number (unexempted establishment).

PF grievance portal,

Step 4: Now a popup window will open, there select grievance related to as PF office and select grievance category as non-transfer of PF accumulations (Even though it was transferred), and in grievance description, type this message.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have applied for PF transfer from ___________(preveous company name) to _______________(new company name).

Hence my present employer is exempted establishment they are asking me to submit my annexure K, so kindly provide my annexure K associated with PF member ID ________________(Mention your previous company PF account number).

Thanking you.


Your name.

Annexure K request message in PF grievance portal,

Step 4: After typing the description click on add, and there is no need to add any attachments and finally submit your request.

Once you submit the request then within 1 or 2 days EPFO will send your annexure K to your email id, which you can submit it your new employer.

Annexure K in EPF FAQS

How to know my establishment is exempted or unexempted ?

Go to EPF establishment search portal and enter the name of your company and type the captcha and click on submit. ( No need to enter establishment code)

Now click on view details and under establishment status you can know whether that establishment is exempted or not.

How to withdraw PF from exempted establishment?

To withdraw PF from exempted establishments visit your HR department and they will give you PF withdrawal forms.

Fill those forms and submit them to your HR department, then they will process your PF claim (or) some companies provide an online PF withdrawal facility on their company website.

You cannot withdraw PF from exempted establishment on UAN member portal.

Why my Annexure K is not showing pension contribution?

In PF transfer pension amount will transfer, but the amount doesn’t visible in PF passbook and annexure K.

And remember even though your establishment is exempted but still pension contribution will be credited to the Employee provident fund organization, so you don’t need to worry about your pension contribution.

You can withdraw whenever you leave your job if your total service is below 10 yrs.

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  1. sir,
    how to down load annexure k online.i am unable to down load annexture online.
    i was working in JK PAPER MILLS ,JKPUR from 1.1.1985 to 4.4.2008.then i joined IVAX PAPER CHEMICLAS LTD on 7.4.2008.i want to transfer my EPS to existing employer. i have submitteed form 13. after that PF regional office Berhampur has send my EPS to regional office krpuram , Benguluru on march 2023. when i enired in benguluru office they are asking to submit annexure k for adding my previous years of service in EPS.please suggest me how to get ANNUXURE K.

  2. Hi

    I find that even though my previous PF balance has been transferred (from PSU) to an exempted private sector company, the number of years of service in the PSU is not reflected in the EPFO portal. This will impact my pension under the EPS scheme. What should I do?

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    I have requested in EPF grievance portal to get annexure K on 3rd July 2023,but still I am not getting, next what do? how much time will take?

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    I am unable to find the PF transfer detail from old establishment to my new establishment. your site communicated to see Form K

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  5. Against my grievance, EPFO, Delhi Central is telling ‘please find enclosed Annexure K but no attachment is there. They have not sent Annexure K to my registered e-mail ID given during lodging grievance. What to do now against this? Write 2 PMO?

  6. As per previous employer, K for is provided & said PF is transferred, but amount is not showing in Passbook. Grivience raised but PF office closed with comment as “Only pension account is maintained as your estt is exempted from PF. As per record pension contribution has been deposited upto oct 2022”. now what is solution for me.

  7. why my annexure k first page is blank .I raise compliant in governess and it closed commended as “nnexure k atteched first page pdf not open” .

  8. On separation from an exempted establishment, I received my PF accumulation in my bank account i.e I did not transfer my PF to my new employer. Now who will issue the Annexure-K ,whether my previous employer or EPFO for the calculation of EPS-95


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