Why EPFO Site Not Working, When Will EPFO Sites Work Well

This is a common problem faced by employees and employers that slow loading of EPFO websites. These EPF sites are really troubling their users during some emergency cases like EPF challan payment and downloading PF passbooks. Here we are going to discuss about why EPFO site not working and at what time EPFO websites can’t able to handle visitors traffic.

why epfo site not working

Have you ever faced a situation like this when you use sites like facebook or youtube. There are some billions of user will use those sites at a same time, but we never heard a single word that facebook site is not loading, similarly in case of youtube also. But most of our EPFO websites servers are always slow or some times they don’t work also. This is happening from so many days.

Recently in Jan 2017, Employee Provident Fund Organization introduced new unified PF portals, they are very useful to the employees, but the page loading speed of these sites is really low. So EPFO has to take some measures to solve this issue.

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Why EPFO Site Not Working

The main reason behind why EPFO site not working is, during office hours i.e from 9 am to 5 pm majority of the employees and employers will use these sites for several works like to activate their uan numbers, to generate uan numbers, to upload ECR files, to update PF KYC details, to approve employees PF KYC details and to make PF contribution payments etc.

When the visitors traffic is very high in real time then automatically these sites are getting slow and troubling their users. EPFO is not a small organization so we don’t expect these kind of problems from EPFO sites. So the main reason behind why EPFO site is not working is number of visitors.

When Will EPFO Site Don’t Work Properly

Generally every employer need to make EPF contribution payment by 15th of every month. So by this time they have to prepare employees ECR statements ( Electronic Challan Cum Return Statement). But due to salary disbursements and other reasons most of the employers will don’t make payment till last date. So on last two days of EPF payment i.e 14th and 15th every month most of the employers will try to open EPFO sites, which results slow down of EPFO severs.

When Will EPFO Sites Work Well

Except in dates like 14th and 15th of every month, remaining time they are working well, but we don’t want this kind of slowdown also. Because these are most crucial dates to make EPF contributions other wise we have to pay late fee.

So as per my suggestion always try to make EPF payments by 13th of every month, if you still can’t able to finish it by 13th then you have to it after 6 pm. During night times EPFO sites work well because visitors traffic is less at this time. Do share your experiences and opinions on why EPFO site not working.

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