Can Recruiter Become HR Generalist: How to Do it in a Better Way

Shifting from an HR recruiter position to an HR generalist position is definitely an easy task, and of course e you can do that. Recruiting is one of the most difficult tasks in HRM, when you already gained some experience in it then learning remaining HR generalist activities is not a difficult thing for you.

But why you want to do the transition from recruiter to generalist is important

In most cases the HR aspirants don’t get a job in a generalist profile due to their lack of experience, so they will start their career as a recruiter. If you are good at communication skills then it is easy to get a recruiter job when compared to the generalist job.

So after working for few years, you might get bored with your daily recruitment activities and want to learn something new, then you may opt to shift to an HR generalist profile.

Shifting to an HR generalist profile is not a bad idea, but before making a decision make sure that why you want to change your profile is due to career growth or a boring job routine.

Every body has a personal reason, so I am not discussing much about it, but once you have taken you decission then next step is what to learn to become HR generalist.

Tips for recruiter to become HR generalist

1. Learn what you are going to do as a HR generalist

If you know what an HR generalist does then it will become easy to grab your first HR generalist job. Hence you already worked as a recruiter you covered an important part of the HR generalist profile. Next, you have to learn about some labour laws, payroll management activities.

Labour laws compliances include minimum wages, EPF, ESIC, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund, Gratuity act, and Bonus act, etc.

Payroll management starts with attendance management, marking leaves, preparing salary sheets, answering queries of the employees regarding payroll.

Know more about different HR generalist activities

2. Get some basic Excel knowledge

HR generalist job mostly deals with Excel sheets, while preparing salary sheets, PF returns etc. So you have to learn some basic Excel concepts, like how to freeze columns and rows and using basic calculation formulas in Excel and how to print reports properly, etc.

You don’t need to become an expert in Excel, just learn some basic Excel skills, remaining you can learn with experience.

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Finally, you can change your career at any time you want, but be prepared for it by proper planning, And if you want to know more about how to get your first HR generalist job then the below ebook will definitely useful to you.

In this I have shared all the practical things an HR generalist will do…

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