EPF Registration Process for Employer, Contractor [Fee,Documents]

At present online EPF registration for employer became simple and easier, there is no need to submit any document to the PF office. Now entire PF registration for the new company is happening through online. The central government of India has launched the Shram Suvidha portal, where all statutory registrations such as EPF and ESI will be done. Here you can know complete step by step process on how to register a new company in EPF from start to finish in 2019.

Who is Eligible for EPF Registration

Any employer who is employing 20 or more than 20 employees should register their establishment in Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952. Even employers who are employing at least 10 employees can also register under EPF scheme but it comes under EPF voluntary registration.

PF Registration Requirements

  • Establishment PAN number
  • License details
  • Email id and mobile number of the employer
  • Digital signature

What Documents Required for EPF Registration

  • PAN card copy
  • Attachment of Address Proof: Any license/certificate issued by govt authority (or) Copy of water connection in the name of the establishment (or) Copy of postpaid telephone bill of any company (or) Copy of power connection in the name of the establishment
  • Date of Setup Proof
  • License Proof: Driving licence
  • Specimen Signature Attachment
  • Copy of canceled cheque
  • Hired / Lease agreement copy

PF registration fees

There is no registration fee for EPF online registration.

PF Registration for Contractors

Yes, PF registration is mandatory for contractors also. Any contractor who is employing 20 or above 20 employees should register their establishment in the employee provident fund scheme.

EPFO online registration in 2019 in just 4 simple steps

  1. Signup for Shram Suvidha portal and log in with your user id and password.
  2. Now in Shram Suvidha portal home page click on EPF registration.
  3. Now enter all the required information and upload the documents.
  4. Now register your establishment’s digital signature and get your LIN number.

Step by Step Online EPF Registration Process for New Company

Step:1  Go to epfindia.gov.in website, on the home page of EPFO website you can find an option called establishment registration, now click on that.

EPF online registration for new company

Step:2  Now you will redirect to Shram Suvidha portal. On the home page of  Shram Suvidha portal, you need to signup by giving details like name, email id, and mobile number.

EPF online registration for new company

PF online registration for new company

After signup, a verification mail will be sent to your email id. Now open your email inbox and click on the verification link. After clicking on verification link a new page will open there enter the verification code appearing on the screen and click on generate OTP.

EPF online registration for new company

Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, here enter the OTP received to your mobile number.

EPF online registration for new company

Step:3 Now you need to enter your preferred user ID and password.

EPF online registration for new company

After clicking on submit you will get a successful registration message on your screen. Now again go to Shram Suvidha portal home page and log in with your user ID and password.

Step:4  Now in Shram Suvidha portal home page, you can find an option called registration under the dashboard, now select registration for EPFO-ESIC ( In the next step you can choose only EPF registration)

EPF online registration for new company

Now in new page click on apply for a new registration EPF online registration for new company

Now select which registration you want, you can choose PF registration or ESIC registration or you can choose both.

EPF online registration for new company

Step:5  Now you need to enter the details of the establishment and upload the required documents. If you don’t know how to fill all these details then download this user manual and read the instructions carefully.

EPF online registration for new company

What is Identifier in EPF Registration:

Identifier in PF registration means already present license of the establishment. For example, if an establishment already registered under contract labor act then select contract labor act as an identifier. If your license type is not present then select Others and mention the details in the remarks section.

Also read: System Requirements and Java Version for EPF Digital Signature

After uploading documents you need to register a digital signature.

Once you register the digital signature then your registration process will complete and you will receive your LIN.

EPF online registration for new company

Once you get your LIN number then you can find your establishment details in Shram Suvidha portal dashboard.

Conclusion: At present, the entire PF registration for new establishments are happening only in online at Shram Suvidha Portal. If you follow the above steps then you can easily register your establishment in PF. If you still have any questions and problems while registering your organization then share those queries in below comments section.

  1. Sanjay Mistry says

    Dear Sir
    How to download PF Registration Certificate of established?

    1. Sanjay Mistry says

      PF officer want to PF certificate of Employer for name correction.

  2. imran says

    in order to take pf code online through shram suvidha portal, after submitting application, status for pf code says that ” THE PAN NUMBER YOU ENTERED BELONGS TO ANOTHER ESTABLISHMENT”

    now in above case, pan card on name of proprietor was used.

    Kindly suggest what to do next so that pf code can be alloted.??

  3. imran says

    Dear Sir

    in order to take pf code for proprietor ship firm,

    1) do i have to mention name as per pan card (proprietor) or the firm name which is not same as prorprietor name????

    2) i have sign up and get login id and password and initiated process of registration of pf voluntary ( taken signature on voluntary registration form) but 2 employees are more than 58 year age. ( they were not epf member earlier) now do i consider them as excluded employee or they can contribute to pf portion?????

    3) when i get LIN number for the same firm?????

    please clarify these 3 points

  4. imran says

    Dear sir,

    I need your suggestion in the case where contractor has been passed away.
    now, what is the further process to cancel pf code and another formalities??

    please guide me.

    Await for your positive response.


    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      You have to contact your regional PF office to cancel the PF code and they will assist you in further procedures.

      1. Maheswari says

        Individuals having 3workers under them
        Had undergone agreement with PSU for one year..
        If they get epf no. And esi no. By volunteer establishment registration..

        1. Rajesh M says

          Hi Maheswari,
          Yes they are eligible for employer share.

  5. imran says

    Dear Sir,

    One of contractor working has to be registered under EPF act, for that we have pan card of proprietor name, but his trade name is xyz which is shown on GST certificate, so can we register his pf code under trade name or proprietor name??

    kindly guide us.

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      You can register under the trade name.

      1. imran says

        But if we go with trade name then portal will ask for pan card in the name of trade?

        1. Rajesh says

          @ Imran,
          Yes trade PAN is required and also owner PAN number is also required.

  6. msk says

    Any epf helpline numbers

    1. Rajesh says
  7. raj singh says

    Sir I want to open a man power provider company in Delhi .. what is process of EPF registration and what I need legal permission for this work

    plz advice me

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Raj Singh,
      If you have 20 or more than 20 employees then you can apply for EPF registration. For online registration, there is no need to visit EPFO office and you need to purchase a digital signature on your name before registration. Which will be used to digitally sign PDF documents like PAN, cheque etc…

      1. raj singh says

        Thanks sir ,
        and need any permission from Labour and other departments ?

    2. Rajesh says

      Hi Raj Singh,
      First, you need to register your firm under your state’s shops and establishment act after that you can apply for EPF and ESI registrations.

  8. imran says

    Dear Sir,

    I have found Successfully registered DSC of employer as authorised signatory on portal,
    now its say request letter which has been generated is to be send to Pf office,

    kinldy guide further how to process. also for your information we have been approving pf claims with that same person signature for whom i have uploded DSC.

    Await for your reply

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      Take print out of pdf file on your company letter and submit it to PF office.

  9. imran says

    Respected Sir,

    I need your kind help, I have registered one of our Unit for PF coverage through online process. It is successfully registered and code alloted , we have been paying pf also, but thing is Digital signature of our Director which we used at the time of registration is not showing in Digital signature tab of the portal. so what is the issue can you tell me?

    another issue is , we would like to register second DSC as a authorised signatory for which i have tried to follow procedure in portal for the registration but , at the end when we have to select DSC from following list, i am not able to see any list below from which to select DSC to register.

    Kindly guide if am going wrong please correct me.

    Thanking you
    Imdad Ali

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      You have to register digital signature again in your new unit PF portal. You can find this option under Establishment in the primary menu bar of EPFO portal home page, this image may useful for you https://www.hrcabin.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/EPF-Digital-Signature.png

      1. imran says

        Yes sir

        I have done the same for registration , but at the end there is nothing showing below to select DSC for registration at the page of EPFO-DSC TOKEN REGISTRATION

        Note that , when i login with employer id (i.e used when registering establishment)
        i can see the director DSC showing registered .

        Kindly guide.

        1. Rajesh says

          Hi Imran,
          Connect your DSC USB to your system, it will select automatically. Try the process in Mozilla Firefox.

          1. imran says

            I have trid in Firefox, no process has started,
            Only Internet Explorer is responding but nothing is showing to select at DSC regisrtation page.

            Kindly help

          2. Rajesh says

            Hi Imran,
            You can visit your regional PF office along with your digital signature. Their IT department will register it.

  10. padma says


    pls inform me that in orle sheet that link for click here for olre login is not appearing. pls inform us the reason for not geeting that link. we want to register our company. pls its very urgent. pls solve this problem.

    1. Rajesh says

      @ Padma
      Use this link to reach PF online registration of establishment page https://unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in/

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