How to Check PF Rejection Reason Online : For PF forms 19, 10C, 13 & 31

EPF members can easily check their PF rejection reason online by using their UAN number. To know the reason for rejection of your claim you have to visit EPF claim status portal. If your claim was settled then there you can find the amount of claim settled and date of claim settlement.

For every rejected PF form 19 and 10C claims, you can find the reason of claim rejection at EPF claim status portal. Here you can find rejection reasons for both online and offline claims. 

How to Check PF Rejection Reason Online

  • To check PF rejection reason online visit  EPF claim status portal.
  • Now enter your UAN number and captcha appearing on the screen.
  • Now you have to select your PF member ID for which you submitted your claim form. If you have only PF account then select that one.
  • Now you can find the status of your claim, if it was rejected then you can find the reason of rejection for both PF form 19 and 10C.

How to Check PF Rejection Reason Online

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Online EPF claim rejection reasons

  • Not filling EPF claim forms properly.
  • Difference between the details present in the EPF portal and KYC.
  • Mismatch of authorized officer’s signature
  • Not submitting form 15G and PAN card for claims above 50000 Rs in less than 5 yrs of service.

How to download EPF rejection letter

There is no direct option to download PF claim status in PDF format but you can take a screenshot or read this to know how to download EPF claim status as PDF file.

How to check pf transfer status online with tracking id

  • There is no separate portal to check PF transfer status online, EPF members can check the status of their claim transfer from the previous employer to new employer in claim status portal.
  • To confirm the transfer of your claim amount you need to check your PF passbook, there you can find whether it has successfully transferred or not and also you can find how much PF amount was transferred to your new PF account.

PF Transferred but Pension Fund Not Transferred

PF transfer claim form 13 rejection reason

  • If your transfer claim form 13 is rejected whether it may be online or offline then the reason may be your employer has not approved your PF transfer in their employer PF portal. Note: you can choose either previous employer or new employer to initiate your transfer claim.
  • If you choose the previous employer in claim form 13 then they have to approve it in their employer PF portal, if you choose present employer then your present employer has to approve it in their PF portal.
  • Remember only PF amount will transfer during the PF transfer process and pension amount won’t transfer, instead of the pension amount service period will transfer to the new employer.

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EPF advance claim form 31 rejection reason

There are several eligibility factors to get advance from EPF account. The criteria will change from one reason to another reason. For example to take a loan for construction of a home you need minimum 5 yrs of service and for marriage loan you need 7 years of service. If you don’t follow those eligibility criteria then your PF claim will get rejected.


In some cases EPF members may not understand the terminology in EPF rejection reasons, in that case, you can raise a grievance at PF portal so that you can know the detailed information about your claim rejection in 24 to 48 hours.

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