How to Check PF Transfer Status Online with Tracking ID

Actually, you don’t need any tracking ID to check your PF transfer status. You can check your PF trasnsfer claim status easily online on the UAN member portal where you aplied for the PF transfer.

It is important to track your PF transfer claim, by tracking you will know whether your employer and EPFO have approved your transfer claim or not.

If you find any delay in the PF transfer process then you can take necessary actions such as filing a complaint on the EPF grievance portal and calling your employer etc.

How to Check PF Transfer Status Online Without Tracking ID

Step 1: Go to the UAN member portal website and login with your UAN number and password.

PF transfer status check online

Step 2: Now go to the online services option in the menu bar and click on transfer claim status from the drop-down menu.

PF transfer claim status tracking online,

Step 3: Now you can see the status of PF transfer claim under transfer claim status part.

How to check PF transfer claim status online with tracking id

How to Confirm whether Your PF Amount Transferred or Not

Whenever your PF amount transfers to your latest PF account then immediately you will get a text message to your PF linked mobile number.

And you can also check in your PF passbook. To do that login in PF passbook portal with your user ID and password, and select the PF account number to which you applied to transfer your PF and click on the view passbook option & select (view passbook old).

Now you can see the transferred PF amount in your new PF passbook.

How to confirm PF transferred or not,


How may days will it take for PF transfer ?

It will take a maximum of 20 days to transfer your PF amount from your previous PF account to a new PF account.

What is pending at previous employer/ present employer in transfer claim status?

It means your claim is pending the approval of the employer in their employer PF portal. If choose attestation through your previous employer while applying for PF transfer then it has to be approved by the previous employer (or) if you have chosen present employer then it has to be approved by your present employer.

What to do if my PF transfer not complete in 20 days?

You can lodge a complaint on the EPF grievance portal website, then within 24-48 hours, your problem will be solved (or) at least you will know the reason why your PF transfer claim is delaying.

Will pension amount transfer during PF transfer process?

Yes, pension will also transfer, but it will not visible in your new PF passbook, but you can withdraw your previous and present pension amounts whenever you leave your job.

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