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Experience letters are the most important documents for employees throughout their employment career.  They are required to join in new jobs and also to get better salaries than their previous job. Recruiters will give so much value to the experience letters during the hiring process.

Here are some sample work experience certificate formats which give you an idea of how an experience certificate looks and also download them in Word format.

(Experience letters should be printed on company letterheads, so there is no need to write the company name in the body of the letter.)

Experience Certificate for “All Employee Categories”

Experience letter format word

Experience Certificate for “IT Employees”

Work experience letter word format

Experience Letter for “Teachers”

experience certificate format

Experience Letter for “Marketing Professionals”

Experience letter format word

Experience Letter for “Hospital Staff”

experience letter format download

Experience Letter for “Doctors”

experience letter formats with job responsibilites

Experience Letter for “Hotel Staff”

Work experience letter format word

Experience Certificate for “Accountants”

job experience letter format word

Experience Certificate for “Human Resource Employees”

Experience certificate format word

How to Write an Experience Letter 

  1. Mention the place and date respectively on the top right-hand side of the letter.
  2. Put heading as “To Whom It May Concern”.
  3. Start with ‘’ it is certified that” or “ this is to certify that” etc.
  4. Type full name of the employee and mention his/her designation and department in which he/she worked.
  5. Mention the work period of the employee i.e joining date and leaving date.
  6. Mention any Two to Three good qualities observed in that employee.
  7. Include his/her job responsibilities.
  8. Wish him/her all the best in their future endeavors.
  9. Print the experience letter on the company letterhead.
  10. Take the signature of the authorized person and put a company stamp on it.

How to get an experience letter

Employees will get them after their resignation i.e after completing the last working date. In most cases, there is no need to write any special application or letter to get an experience letter. 

But if you didn‘t receive your experience letter at the time of leaving the company then you need to request your employer either directly or through a written application. You can send the same letter through email as well. 

Application for Experience Letter


The HR Manager,

The Company Name,



Your name,

Employee Id, 



Sub: Application for Experience Letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter regarding my experience certificate. I have worked at your company from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY

I couldn’t receive my experience letter at the time of my resignation, so here I request you to kindly issue my experience letter.

I shall be thankful to you in this regard.

Thanking you.


Your name.

Email Application for Experience Letter

Sub: Application for [Desigantion] Experience Letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is [your name] worked at your company as a/an [Designation] in [Department] from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY.

With due respect, I am requesting you to kindly issue my experience letter, which I need to submit for my new job.

I hereby confirm I have left the job with proper approval and I don’t have any dues.

I hope you issue my experience letter soon.

Thanks in advance.


Your name.


1. What is an experience letter?

An experience letter is a formal document that consists of the employment details of the employee such as the name of the employee, designation, department of work, work tenure, and job responsibilities. 

Companies issue experience letters when employees leave their job.

2. Is salary mentioned in the experience letter?

In general, experience letters don’t consist of the employee salary details. But there is nothing wrong even if the employer mentions salary details on it.

3. How do companies verify experience?

Nowadays companies are using dedicated softwares for background verification of employees, and reaming companies will do background verification calls to the previous employers.

4. Which paper is used for the experience certificate?

Experience certificates are printed on letterheads which are made with thick 100 GSM bond papers.

5. What is a digital experience letter?

Digital experience letters are software-generated experience letters.

6. Is the digital experience letter valid?

Mostly they are not valid. Experience letters are valid only when they consist of the authorized signature and company stamp.

7. What happens if I submit a fake experience letter?

You will lose your job, and companies will put you on the backlist, so you will not be able to apply for jobs in those companies again.

8. What if I have a gap in the experience?

There is nothing wrong with having gaps in the work experience.  Be honest with your experience which gives you mental peace and saves you from future tensions.

9. What to do if the employer is not giving an experience letter?

You can contact your respective labour department office and complain about your employer (or) send a lawyer notice. 

But remember to get an experience letter you have to resign properly and you must not have any pending dues from your side to the company.

10. Is experience and relieving letter are same?

No, both are different.

11. Experience certificate (or) experience letter which is correct?

Both are correct, you can call it as per your wish.

12. Is it mandatory to give an experience letter?

Yes, it is mandatory to give experience letters to all eligible employees who leave jobs with proper approval.

13. What to do if you don’t have an experience letter?

Try to prove your efficiency with the answers, and tell why you didn’t get an experience letter.

14. Can I get an experience letter after registration?

Yes, you can get your experience letter even after your resignation as well, but don’t prolong the time.

15. Is an experience letter mandatory for the green card?

Yes, it is mandatory to have an experience letter for the green card. You need to get it from your previous employer.

16. Can I get an experience letter after termination?

It depends on the reason why you were terminated from the company. If the reason for termination is minor then companies will give your experience letter otherwise they hesitate to give it.

17. Can I get an experience certificate while doing the job?

Yes, you can get your experience while in the job as well, but the reason for issuing an experience letter will be mentioned on it and the date of leaving will also not present on it.

18. Can I use the salary slip as experience letter?

No, a salary slip is acts as salary proof only, not as experience proof.

19. What to do if you lost your experience certificate?

You can request your employer to issue a new experience certificate. But it is always better to keep a soft copy or scanned copy of it.

20. Will I get an experience certificate if I don’t serve a notice period?

No, you will not get an experience letter if you don’t serve the notice period. But if you have a good relationship with your employer then they might give it to you.

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