Sample Extracurricular Activities in Resume for Freshers [Examples]

Listing extracurricular activities in your resume gives you an additional advantage over other candidates who applied for the same job. It’s always a good idea to include your after-school/after college activities in your resume until you get your first job.

Your extracurricular activities are an example of your abilities, skills, and interests. Whether they are related to your job or not, it is always recommended to include them in your resume.

Here are some best examples of extracurricular activities which you can include in your resume for better attention. You can include as many extracurricular activities as you have involved, do not need to stick to one category.

Sample Extracurricular Activities for Freshers in Resume

1. Participation in Competitions

If you have participated and won prizes in any competitions at the school level (or) college level then you can add them to your resume.  

For example participation in essay writing, elocution, quizzes, dancing, singing, drawing, olympiads and science fairs, etc.

Participated in Various school-level and college-level competitions.

  • Won second prize in Olympiad mathematics in 2016.
  • Won several prizes in essay writing and elocution competitions at school and college levels.

2. Learnings Other Languages

Your ability to learn other languages shows your ability and enthusiasm to learn new things. Some jobs require knowledge of multiple languages so it may become an advantage to you.

Passion to learn new languages to understand the cultures of different nations.

  • Ability to speak in French. 
  • Currently learning Spanish.

3. Arts (Dancing, Painting, Singing, Writing, etc.)

If you have learned any art skills then you can include them in your resume. Only a few people will have an interest in the arts. So it can separate you from other candidates.

  • Won __________dance competition conducted by [organiztaion] in [year].
  • Active member of ____________dancing academy during college days.

4. Sports

Sports will improve your physical and mental health. Any sport such as cricket, football, volleyball, chess, etc… can be included in your resume. 

Sports help in dealing with various emotions and develop problem-solving skills.

  • A player in the Hyderabad cricket team as an all-rounder.
  • Played and won various domestic matches at the district level.
  • Served as a college captain from [year] to [year] at [college name].

5. Working for a charity organizations

Working for charity organizations will be considered an extracurricular activity.  You can include your services in NGO organizations and other achievements. Which leaves a positive impression on the view of the interviewer. 

  • An active member of Krupa Sadahan charitable trust to promote social welfare and social justice.
  • A part of Truth charitable trust and conducted social activities like medical camps and giving clothes & blankets to poor people.

6. Volunteering Activities

Participation in voluntary activities will give you self-confidence and self-satisfaction,  examples of some voluntary activities are blood donation campaigns, animal rescues, community development, etc. 

  • Five times blood donor and member of _______ society to bring awareness of blood donation.

7. Teaching

If teaching is a hobby to you, whether it is a peer to peer teaching or freelance teaching or teaching for a social cause, all you can include in your resume.

Teaching helps to improve your knowledge and presentation skills.

  • Freelance teacher of mathematics for intermediate students.
  • Teaches computer classes at government schools during leisure time.

8. Fundraising Activities

Fundraising activities are challenging and need a lot of hardwork and determination.  If you are a member of any such fundraising activities then you can include them in your resume. 

  • Fundraiser of …………… foundation to help mid-day meal program of school children.
  • Carry out fundraising activities during leisure time.

9. Event management

As an event manager, you need to have time management, problem-solving, and networking skills. So if you have conducted any event management activities in your college (or) outside of the college then you can include them in your resume.

  • Organized and coordinated several events in college festivals.
  • Managing all event operations such as preparing venues, negotiating with vendors, inviting guests, etc.
  • Hosting colleges fests.

10. Blogging /Youtube

If you are a content creator, whether you write articles on blogs or make videos on youtube, which you can include in your resume. 

Sometimes your online content will help you in getting your first job.  

  • Blogger at [blog name] with ______ page views monthly, where I write about [topic name].
  • Youtuber with ________ subscribers, where I make videos on [vedio topic]

Similarly, you can include graphic designing, photography, photoshop, and Instagram under extracurricular activities.

How to List Extracurricular Activities in Resume

  1. Placement: You can mention your extracurricular activities under the separate section called “extracurricular activities” (or) you can also name them as interests (or) achievements. You can put this section after your education and project work.
  2. Be Truthful: Mention activities in which you are really interested and genuinely participated.  And you should be ready to give answers related to any questions about your extracurricular activities.
  3. Name the competition/organization/ events in which you participated (or) a member.
  4. Your position: Describe your position in the extracurricular activities. For example, if you are a freelance teacher then freelancing is your extracurricular activity then teaching will be your position.
  5. Responsibilities/Achievements: Explain your responsibilities and achievements.


1. Are hobbies and extracurricular activities the same?

All hobbies don’t come under extracurricular activities.  Hobbies are just a passion, whereas in extracurricular activities, you have to participate directly and which are apart from your education.

2. Do reading and exercising come under extracurricular activities?

No, reading and exercising don’t come under extracurricular activities, you can include them under hobbies. But if you are a professional bodybuilder or participated in any such events then it can come under extracurricular activity.

3. Do I need to write about extracurricular activities if I don’t have any achievements?

Regardless of winning or losing you can include any extracurricular activities in which you have participated.

4. Difference between co-curricular and extracurricular activities?

Any other activities apart from your regular education but which are a  part of your syllabus will be considered co-curricular activities. If music is a part of your syllabus then it is a co-curricular activity.
All other activities apart from studies and syllabus can be considered extracurricular activities. If you are learning music outside of your education then it can be an extracurricular activity. 

5. Do recruiters care about extracurricular activities?

Yes, sometimes. If the recruiter is also curious about other achievements with the exception of education, then they care about your extracurricular activities.

6. Can I put fake extracurricular activities on my resume?

No, it is not at all recommended.

7. Are extracurricular activities and achievements the same?

Your achievements are a part of your extracurricular activities. Assume dancing is an extracurricular activity and then winning a prize is an achievement.


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