ESIC Number Search By Aadhar Card, Is it Possible?

If you are an employee and forgot your ESIC IP number then it is not possible to find your ESIC number online by using your Aadhar card. There are only two ways to find your ESIC IP number in that case, one is by asking your employer and the other one is by visiting your regional ESIC branch office.

But some times ESIC numbers will be printed on employee payslips, so first try your luck by checking your payslips. If your payslip doesn’t consist of your ESI‌ IP‌ number then you have to contact either your employer or ESIC office.

My Aadhar Is Linked To My ESIC‌ Account Still Can’t I‌ Find My ESI Number?

Not possible, because ESIC‌ has not provided any system like PF to check the forgotten ESIC number by using Aadhar number of the insured person.

But remember if you have your ESIC number then you can link it with your aadhar number, but without ESI number, we can’t do anything.

Employer or ESIC Office – Whom Should I‌ Contact First to Get My ESIC‌ Number

You should prefer your employer first because they have entire data of employees who are contributing to ESIC, so within a few minutes, they can give your ESIC‌ IP‌ number by checking their database. For employers it is very easy to find your ESI‌ number, so always give first preference to your employer.

And it is the responsibility of every employer to help the employees regarding EPF, and ESI when they are in need, irrespective of present working or resigned employees.

Even though you visit your ESIC‌ branch office still they ask you to visit your employer first to find your ESI‌ number. If you don’t get any help from your employer then only you need to visit your ESIC‌ branch office.

Finally, if you are contributing to ESIC‌ scheme then it is your responsibility to note down your ESIC‌‌ IP number and getting your ESIC‌ Pehchan card and updating your family members in the ESIC scheme‌ and checking whether correct ESIC‌ dispensary is mentioned or not.

If you do all these things then if future you will not face any problems regarding ESIC, even though you leave or change your current job.

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