Temporary Problem at PAN Server. Please Try After Some Time in EPF

EPF members will get a “temporary problems at PAN server. Pleasant try after some time” error whenever there are server-side technical issues in either PAN or EPF website. To solve this problem try after some time i.e after 1-2 hours.

If the problem is from the PAN website then not only EPF members, everyone who wants to use online PAN services such as new PAN registration and PAN details modification will also face this problem.

How to Solve Temporary Problem at PAN Server Error 

If you are facing this problem for multiple days continuously then you need to check whether your PF details and PAN details are matching or not. Here the PF details mean your name, DOB, and gender in the UAN member portal website.

To check those details go to the member profile option under the view option on the UAN member portal and check those details with the details on your PAN card.

In case if you find any wrong details either in the UAN portal (or) PAN card then you need to correct the wrong details.

  1. You can correct your PF details online, for that go to the manage option on the UAN portal and click on basic details. Now enter your details as per your Aadhar card and submit your request, within 20 days your details will be corrected.
  2. In case if you are unable to correct your PF details online then submit PF joint declaration form to your PF office.
  3. But if your PAN details are wrong then you need to correct those details on your PAN card. To correct your PAN details online go to the NSDL website, submit your request.

You can also correct your PAN details offline for that visit your nearest PAN card office.

Once your PF details and PAN details match then you will not get a temporary problem with PAN server error, except if there are any server issues, for that you need to try after some time.


1. Is linking PAN with an EPF account is mandatory for every PF member?

Even though it is not mandatory but linking your PAN with your EPF will help in not deducting TDS when you claim more than 50,000 RS in less than 5 years of your total service. 

Recently EPFO is also promoting linking PAN with PF accounts. You can see the following type of message in the PF passbook portal.

“Your PAN is not seeded which is a requirement to avoid any higher tax deduction in case TDS is applicable

2. Can I claim PF without a PAN card?

Yes, you can claim it if your PF claim amount is less than 50,000 Rs or your total service is above 5 years.

In remaining cases it is mandatory to link your PAN with your PF account, otherwise, 34.6% TDS will be deducted from your PF amount, without PAN you can’t even submit form 15G as well and in some cases, your PF claim will get rejected.

3. How many days will it take to approve PAN in EPF?

Your employer can approve your PAN link request immediately on their employer PF portal, but depending on their free time, most employers will take 2-3 days. 

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