One Year Experience Resume Examples (Word Format)

If you have one year of experience or less, you can still include that experience in your resume. One year is a reasonable work experience, there is no need to hide it in your resume. Your experience is the most important asset when it comes to job search.

A one-year experience resume can be fit into 1-2  pages, and you should mention your experience information before the education field in your resume. 

Below are some examples of resume templates for different kinds of jobs, which you can use for your next job search.

1. Software Engineer 1 Year Experience Resume Format

1 year experience resume format for Software Engineer

2. BPO 1 Year Experience Resume Format

1 year experience resume format for BPO

3. Civil Engineer Engineer 1 Year Experience Resume Format

1 year experience resume format for Civil Engineer

4. Java Developer 1 Year Experience Resume Format

1 year experience resume format for Java Developer

5. Python Developer 1 Year Experience Resume Format

1 year experience resume format for Python Developer

6. Mechanical Engineer 1 Year Experience Resume Format

One year experience resume for mechanical engineer

Tips: How to Make an Effective One-Year Experience Resume

  1. Profile summary: A profile summary is a short description of your experience, skills, and goals. You can mention your 1-year experience, designation, and industry in the profile summary. 
    It is also better to state your vision or goals in the profile summary to catch the attention of the recruiters.
  2. Work Experience: You should include your work experience after the profile summary.  Write the name of the company in which you worked and the employment duration.
    You must state your key job responsibilities in the work experience section. Read the job descriptions of the new job and match your responsibilities to that role.
  3. Education: Write your education details in descending order i.e. from higher education to lower level. Include the name of the institution, year of pass, and marks percentage (or) GPA
  4. Skills:  Your skills play an important role to get the job. Use your skills as the keyword to grab the attention of the interviewer.
    Before applying for every job, modify your resume according to the job requirements. Again reading job descriptions related to your work will help you to find the right keywords.
  5. Personal Details: Finally include your personal information at the end of your resume such as yoru gender, nationality, date of birth, etc.

In the end, sign the resume, write the date of submission, and affix or insert your profile photo.

1 Year Experience Profile Summary: Examples

1. An ambitious IT professional with 1 year of experience, with strong software engineering knowledge and skills, who can solve complex problems. I am self-motivated, productive, and capable of working under pressure.

I have a proven track record of meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work. I am also a good team player who is able to work effectively with others to achieve common goals.

My strong interpersonal skills and accountability to assigned tasks make me a strong candidate for this job.

My goal is to use my coding skills to create software that enhances the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

2. An aspiring BPO professional with 1+ years of experience in assisting customers with products and offering support. My ability to communicate and emotional stability allows me to meet client needs and solve problems. I look for exciting opportunities where I can fully utilize my skills for organizational success.

3. A goal-oriented civil engineer with 1-year experience in project execution, construction, operations, resource management, site operation, and consultancy operations. I seek a challenging position using my skills and knowledge to grow my career and organization.

4. An aspiring Java programmer with above 1 year of experience and a detailed understanding of service-oriented architecture and web services such as SOAP and REST, and skilled in Java, J2EE, ORM/JPA, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML wants to collaborate with global brands to develop scalable, secure and efficient applications.

5. Software professional with 1-year of experience in developing, designing, deploying, and debugging computer applications in Python.  I want to associate with a progressive organization that allows me to apply my knowledge and advance my career.

6. A mechanical engineer (1+ Year experience) who has been able to handle multiple projects and possesses exceptional technical skills, including computer aid designing, problem-solving, and commercial awareness, obtaining a challenging and rewarding position.


1. Can I put one year of experience in my resume?

Yes, you can put one year of experience in your resume. One year is enough time to change a job.

2. How to mention my experience in a resume if it is less than 1 year?

You can put an exact number of months (or) dates (or) write less than a year’s experience on your resume.


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