PF Form 15G Filled Sample Download | For PF Withdrawal 2021-22

Form 15G is a self-declaration to declare that the total income in a financial year is less than the income tax slab limit. It should be filled by the citizens of India whose age is ≤ 60 years. If the age is above 60 years then they have to submit form 15 H in place of form 15G. By submitting form 15G we can avoid TDS on PF withdrawals and fixed deposit interest

When it comes to PF withdrawal if the total PF amount ( employee + employer share) is above 50,000 Rs and the total service is below 5 yrs then that EPF member should submit form 15G along with PF claim form 19.

If EPF members fail to submit Form 15G then 34.6% tax will deduct from their PF claim amount (or) sometimes EPF officials will reject the EPF claim. EPF members whose age is below 60 years need to submit Form 15G and for above 60 years form 15H is required.

Form 15G is not required If your PF amount is less than 50,000 Rs (or) the total service is above 5 years.

Tax on PF Withdrawal

If the employee submits both PAN and 15GNo tax deduction
If the employee submits only PANTDS 10%
If the employee doesn’t submit PAN alsoTDS 34.6%

EPFO Circular on TDS Deduction

Download in PDF Format

Form 15G Filled Sample for PF Withdrawal in 2021

Form 15G consists Two parts, we need to fill only part 1 of form 15G there is no need to fill part 2 of form 15G, just leave that page blank.

Here is an example of a sample filled form 15G part 1 and part 2, which will guide you on how to fill form 15G correctly for PF claim…

Sample Filled Form 15G Part 1

Filled PF form 15G Part 1

Sample Filled Form 15G Part 2

How to Fill Form 15G for PF Withdrawal in 2021

#Field 1 (name of the assessee) : Name of the person who is withdrawing PF amount.

#Field 2 (PAN of the assessee): PAN number of the person withdrawing PF.

#Field 3 (Status) : Individual

#Field 4 (Previous Year) : 2021- 22

#Field 5(Residential status): Indian

#Fields 6 to 14 : Address, mobile number and email id of the person claiming PF.

#Field 15: If you filed any IT returns then tick Yes, otherwise tick No. If you tick Yes then mention the assessment year. (Assessment year is the year followed by the financial for which you paid income tax).

#Field 16 (Estimated income): PF amount ( employee and employer contribution), not pension amount.

#Field 17 (Estimated total income): Mention your estimated annual income for that financial year.

#Field 18: If any form 15Gs submitted earlier then mention those details, otherwise leave this field blank.

#Field 19 : Leave this field blank.

Finally sign the document at the field of signature of the declarant.

*Previous year ending on : 31 March 2022

*Assessment year : 2022 – 23

(Previous year and assessment year change every year, if you are withdrawing PF amount in between 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 then mention above details). The changes will be updated every year here.

#Form 15G Part 2: You don’t need to fill the part 2 of form 15G, it will be filled by the EPF officers. But you have to upload the blank copy of form 15G part 2 while claiming for PF using form 19 at UAN member portal.

Difference Between Form 15G and Form 15H

  1. Form 15G will be submitted by the resident individuals whose age is below 60 years and their taxable income should be less than 2,50,000 Rs for Fy 2020-21.
  2. Form 15H will be submitted by the resident individuals whose age is 60 or above 60 along with below income tax slab criteria
  • For senior citizens, the annual income should be less than 3 lakhs, and for super senior citizens of age above 80 yrs, the annual income should be less than 5 lakhs.
  • Income from fixed deposit interests and post office deposit interests should be less than 50,000 Rs.

Form 15H Filled Sample for PF Withdrawal in 2021 – 22 ( If Age is Above 60 Years)

Filled Form 15H Part 1

Filled PF Form 15H for PF withdrawal part 1

Filled Form 15 H Part 2

Filled PF Form 15H for PF withdrawal part 2

How To Submit Form 15G & 15H Online For PF Withdrawal

Now EPF members can upload form 15G and form 15H online at the UAN member portal while applying for the PF claim. Here is the step by step process on uploading form 15G and 15H for online PF claims.

Step 1: EPF members who select form 19 i.e PF amount withdrawal in the UAN member portal will get an option to upload form 15G. You don’t need to submit form 15G for pension amount withdrawal i.e form 10C amount.

how to submit form 15g for online pf withdrawal

Step 2: To upload form 15G in the member portal, first, download form 15G in this post and fill it with blue or black ball pen and scan it and save the document in PDF format, and size should be less than 1 MB. Now upload this form 15G in the UAN member portal.

But remember to upload form 15G your PAN number must be linked with your UAN number otherwise UAN portal will not accept the form 15G and you will get the following message that “Verified PAN not available cannot upload form 15G”.

In this case, you need to submit 2 copies of form 15G and 1 copy of your PAN card to your regional EPF office, within 1 or 2 days after applying for the online claim, then no tax will deduct from your PF claim amount.

Form 15G for PF Withdrawal FAQs

# Is form 15G mandatory for PF withdrawal?

If your total PF amount is 50,000 Rs or above and your service is below 5 years then only you need to submit form 15G, otherwise you don’t need submit form 15G.

If you don’t submit form 15G eligible case, then EPFO will reject your PF claim and ask you to reclaim your PF along with form 15G. But in very rare cases your claim will be settled with tax deduction.

# What is estimated income on form 15G

While filling form 15G in field numbers 15 and 16, we will see estimate income details. Estimated income for which this declaration made means the amount which you are withdrawing. You can find the amount on your PF passbook.

In field no 16 you need to mention your estimated annual income . ( You don’t need to mention the exact amount, just mention the estimated amount.)

# Will service period in multiple companies consider for PF Withdrawal

Yes, if employees work in multiple companies and transfer PF contributions every time when they join in a new job then all service periods will be merged. Even though the employees have gaps in their jobs still when they join in a new job and transfer their PF, then their old service period will be merged with the present service period.

# Can I fill form 15G online?

No, you cannot fill form 15 G & 15H online, you have to fill it with ball pen manually, but you can upload copies of form 15G part 1 and part 2 online at UAN member portal.

# Is form 15G required for PF withdrawal after 5 years?

Not required, If you are withdrawing your PF amount after 5 years then you don’t need to submit form 15G even though you are withdrawing above 50000 Rs of PF claim amount.

# Should I submit form 15G for pension form 10C?

No, form 15G is not required for pension withdrawal. You need to submit or upload form 15G only for PF claim amount i.e for form 19 only. For form 10C you don’t’ need to submit form 15G.

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  1. Hi
    I resigned at Dec 2017 and filed income tax for 2017-2018 by april 2018 and planning to submit pf form by july 2019 what will be assessment year and previous year.

    • Hi Shehanaz,
      You should consider Previous and assessment years by present date only, so the previous year is 2019-20, and assessment year is 2020-21.

  2. I have worked in a govt organisation for 3 years and 3 months.i left the job on today is 17.6.19.i am not employed anywhere.i dont have any other source of fix deposit nothing.eating fathers money.only 30000/- in account from the salary accumulated.i have 80000/-,30000/-,and under pension-49000/- as written in epf passbook. My salary when i leave is aprox 20000/-(gross).get 17000/-(net) in account every month when doing job.i have never file income tax as it does not come under taxable limit for the 3 yr i if i want to withdraw epf all the 3 amount mention in to fill the 15g.mainly the year and income columns. How much tax i have to give.

  3. Hello ,

    I worked in a company from 01/04/2014 to 24/09/2018. Employee share 58,981 employer share 18,044 pension 35,919 .In this duration my salary was 15583/Month. Currently i m not working. I want to withdrawl all of my pf amount now.
    What should be filled in following columns
    4 .should it be ?
    15. Coluumn ??
    15 b latest assesment year .?
    16 sum of emp , emplyr share and pension (112944)?
    17 is it the same amount as 16 (112944) or should i add my annual income in 2014-2018 year to column 16
    19. ??

  4. Dear Sir,

    One of our employee resigned in March/2018.
    now in order to fill form in feb/2019. what should be FY/PY to write in form 15G???

    kindly guide.

  5. in my pf account i have my contribution of 45879 and employee contribution of 12800. i not able to update my pan card details online as its keep saying that the uan name doesn’t match the name as per income tax department .please let me know if i need to submit the form 19 alone in pf office to claim my money with copy of pan card so that the tax doesn’t get deducted.please advise

    • Hi Jeetender,
      Submit PF form 19 and 10C in your PF office along with 1 copy of PAN card and 2 copies of form 15G, so that no tax will deduct from your PF claim amount.

  6. Hello,
    I worked for company A from May 2015 to April 2018.
    PF account shows –
    Employee Share 53,195.00,
    Employer Share 16,270.00
    Pension 33,375.00
    Now, I want to withdraw complete amount and clear the PF account, as I am now paying a Home loan.
    Also, After new days of leaving the company A, I got another offer from a different company with annual ctc of 4.5Lacks.
    I have not linked or transferred the previous PF account of Company A to new company.
    Please, I need urgent help me for fields of form 15G, Fields I need assistance with is – 4, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19. Previously I have not withdrawn any PF, never had it actually. And I have no other income source.

  7. Hi sir,
    I have submitted the pf withdrawal through online. They rejected the claim saying i need to submit 2 copies of 15g form. Should i personally visit the office and submit the forms. In that case shall i visit my current city pf office or have to
    Go to my office location

  8. Hi Rajesh,

    I worked for 2 companies A ( 2015 – 2016) & B ( April 2016 – Nov 2016). My latest company was B and resigned in Nov 2016. Company A’ s total share ( including employer share + pension) is 40k. Company B’s total share is 50k. I haven’t transferred A company’s PF to company B. I have couple of queries.

    1. Since I have submitted for PF withdrawal online, I received a call to submit Form 15G to avoid deduction of tax. What is the previous year to filled in point 4 ?
    How should I proceed with points 16 & 17 in Form 15G ?

    2. Am i eligible to get PF total share of Company A which hasn’t been transferred ?

  9. Hello Sir,

    I want to do part withdrwal of my PF account, i have less than 5 year of service.
    i want to withdraw 3.5 Lakh amount.

    Please help me with section 4, 16, 17 and 19 in details.

    Section 19 i am not sure at all what to fill

    Thank you very much

  10. Hello ,

    I worked in a company from Aug -2016 to jan 2018. Employee share 27122 employer share 8288 pension 18834 .In this duration my salary was 16500/Month. Currently i m not working and dont have any source of income . I want to withdrawl all of my pf amount now.
    What should be filled in following columns
    4 .should it be 2016-2018?
    15. Coluumn ??
    15 b latest assesment year 2016-2018.?
    16 sum of emp , emplyr share and pension (54244)?
    17 is it the same amount as 16 since i dont have any income now (54244) or should i add my annual income in 2016-2018 year to column 16 (annual income 2 lakh+54244)
    19. ??

    what is PART II

  11. Dear Sir/Mem,
    I have sent my docs for PF withdrowls at your office.plz tell me about How many days will it take to get the amount in my bank account.
    Kindly settle my PF urgent basis & update me through call & mail…

    Thank’s & Regard’s

    EMP CODE – R26290
    UAN NO.- 100558682567
    MEMBER ID – MHBAN00453270000175921
    MO NO. – 9799514455

  12. Hello Sir,

    I quit my job on April 6th 2017. I had no income after that.
    My PF details are:
    Employee Share: 65403
    Employer Share: 19986
    Pension: 41082

    Could you kindly help me with what I should Fill in Section 4, 16 and 17?

    What about section 19? I dont understand what I should fill there…

    Thanks in Advance… Looking forward to your reply..

    • Hi Misbasheer,
      In field 4: 2017-218
      Field 16: 125000
      Field 17: 125000 + your annual income (Approximate value will be enough)
      Field 19: If you have submitted form 15G in past then write those details otherwise leave that field blank.

  13. Sir,
    I have worked in an organisation for 2 year 8 months. And my employee share – 17051, employer share-5215 and pension contribution-11228.
    Should I fill form no.15g to claim my PF money?

  14. If mention amount in 15G colum 17. is more than 2,50,000 then TAX deduct from PF amount or not ?
    My Employee Ded amount : 37000 Employer amount :11,000 and pension amount : 25000
    If i filled in Colum 16: 74000 and in Colum 17: 2,50,000

    Is it correct ?

  15. I would like to know about form 15G. I am not working anywhere and I will receive interest from FD – expected Rs 30000 in this financial year by March 2019. TDS is deducted over and above Rs 10000 interest amount, Am i eligible for 15G and what should I fill in column 16 & 17.

    • Hi Satheesh,
      If you are claiming more than 50000 Rs then submit 2 copies of form 15G, otherwise, there is no need to submit form 15G.


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