EPF Claim Settled but Not Credited in Bank [Best Solution]

EPF members whose claim status shows settled & sent via NEFT will get their PF amount into their bank account within 2-3 days (When there are no bank holidays). But sometimes even after 2-3 days also some EPF members don’t get their PF amount. In most cases, the reason for not getting PF amount after claim settled message is incorrect bank account details. Here we will discuss what are the possible ways to get back the PF claim amount.

PF claim settled but not credited or received

What is the Meaning of PF Claim Settled

PF claim settled means your claim was approved by the EPFO officer and it was dispatched. If you have given correct bank account details then your PF amount will credit into your bank account in next 2-3 days via NEFT. For example, if your claim status shows settled on 21 Feb 2019 then you may get your PF amount on 23rd or 24th of Feb 2019.

Note: Remember when you have submitted both PF form 19 and 10C then you will receive both amounts within 1 or 2 hours gap.

How Many Days Will It Take for PF Withdrawal

For Offline Claims 20 – 30 Days
For Online Claims 10 – 15 Days
After Claim Settled Payment Sent Via NEFT Message 2 – 3 Days
If Bank Holidays Are There After Reopening Banks

NEFT Timings of Some Popular Banks

Bank Name NEFT Timings NEFT Timings
  Monday – Friday Saturday
State Bank of India 8 am – 7 pm 8 am – 1 pm
ICICI Bank 8 am – 6.30 pm 7 am – 6.30 pm
HDFC Bank 8 am – 6 pm 8 am – 6 pm
Kotak Mahindra 8 am – 6 pm 8 am – 12 pm
Citi Bank 8 am – 5.30 pm 8 am – 5.30 pm

Reasons for Not Receiving PF Claim Amount into Bank Account

1. For Online Claims, Correct Bank Account Details at UAN Member Portal

If you have claimed your PF amount online at UAN member portal, then correct your bank account details at UAN portal and ask your employer to approve them. The approval process doesn’t take much time, it can be done in a few minutes.

Once your employer approves your bank account details in their employer PF portal then you need to claim your PF amount again at UAN member portal. If you want to know the complete process then read this how to correct already approved bank account details.

2. Submit PF Reauthorization Form for Offline PF Claims

For offline PF claims, if you find that your bank account details are wrong then fill a PF reauthorization form with correct bank account details and submit it to your regional EPF office along with a canceled cheque or bank passbook copy. After submission of PF reauthorization form, your PF amount will credit into your correct bank account within 7-10 days.

Download PF Reauthorization Form

3. Raise a Complaint at EPF Grievance Portal

PF Claim Settled But Not Received

If you still don’t know the proper reason for non-settlement of PF claim then you can contact the EPF grievance portal. You need to raise a grievance at PF portal, once your grievance is registered then you can get a reply from your regional EPF office with a proper reason.

4. Use EPF Social Media Platforms

If your problem was not satisfied by the above options, then the final option is to take your problem to the EPFO through their social media platforms especially EPFO Twitter Account. Nowadays EPFO is very active on Twitter and they are addressing each and every query of EPF members so you can use their Twitter account to address your problem.

Here is the EPFO Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/socialepfo?lang=en

PF Claim Settled But Not Credited in Bank Account

5. Finally, Visit Your Regional EPF Office

If your problem is not solved with all the above options, then it is better to visit your regional PF office directly and meet the PF officer. Visiting your regional EPF Office will solve 99% of EPF claim settlement problems. If you don’t know your concerned PF office then ask your employer, they will give you the information about your concerned EPF regional office.

Other PF  Claim Settlement Problems

How PF Amount will be Credited

Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) sends EPF claim amount through NEFT ( National Electronic Fund Transfer). NEFT is an electronic money transfer system to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account. The time taken for PF withdrawal depends on the NEFT timings of your bank. Earlier EPFO used to issue cheques but not the entire payment process is happening via NEFT only.

PF Transfer Claim Settled but Not Credited

If you have submitted PF transfer form 13 either in online or offline then you need to wait for at least 30 days. Once the PF transfer to your new PF account then you can withdraw it. But remember while PF transfer process only PF amount will transfer into your new PF account, pension amount will no transfer, it will be saved as service history.

So if pension amount doesn’t transfer then it is doesn’t mean that your claim is not transferred.  To know more details read this why my pension fund not transferred along with PF.

PF Claim Settled But Full PF Amount Not Credited

This is another rare case where EPF members receive PF claim amount but they don’t’ get full PF amount, it happens rarely. So before applying for PF claim it is better to check your PF passbook, so that you will have an idea about how much PF amount you will receive. And remember if you have applied for both PF and pension by submitting PF form 19 and 10 C respectively then you will receive both amounts in few hours gap.

Still, if you find you don’t receive your full PF amount then raise a grievance at the PF portal, they will tell you the exact reason for less PF credit.

Can I submit PF reauthorization form for Online PF Claims

Yes, even for online claims also when they do not settle due to incorrect bank a/c details then they can submit PF reauthorization form or they can reapply for the claim, it is your choice.

853 thoughts on “EPF Claim Settled but Not Credited in Bank [Best Solution]”

  1. Hi,
    Applied for PF withdrawal and it has been approved and sent through NEFT but haven’t got the amount credited.
    Can I approach the regional office.

    • Generally, it will take 2-3 days to receive the PF amount in bank account after claim settlement. If you haven’t received your PF amount even after 3 days also then raise a grievance at the PF portal or visit your PF office directly, but before that pls check whether you have given bank account details in UAN member portal or not.

  2. claim settled on 26 jun 20 and payment sent vua neft on 26th 2020 but payment not yet credited in bank account.

    • Pls check whether you have given correct bank account details or not, that is the only problem in such cases.

  3. hi,

  4. I online claimed; got message our amount settled on date 20/04/2020 and should be settled with in 2-3 working days…
    But till date not received.

    I checked KYC all is ok.

  5. Claim for Covid-19 advanced pf amounts in my EPFO.

    Sir my name salman I did claim for Covid19 advanced pf amounts in my EPFO account. I check my claim status it is showing as settled on 07th april Portal,but still not credited to my account, after checking in kyc portal my account has added with extra 3 zeros,so I have raised for changes for incorrect account in KYC and informed my employer to approve and also I have raised Grievance for non settlement,I got an response it is settled already and given email id :csd.roamb@epfindia.gov.in/ to submit bank statement and same has been done, but no response for more than 20 days,can you suggest how to handle this situation.

    • If your bank account details are wrong then sure your amount will not credit into your bank account, that amount will again recredit into your PF account. So check your PF passbook, if the amount recredited then reclaim your PF amount after updating your bank account details.
      Still, if your PF amount no credit back into your PF account then contact your bank branch.

  6. I have applied Covid 19 Adavnced PF on 21/04/20. and its showing settled on 22/04/20 in web portal.
    But till now amount not credited to my bank account.
    I checked KYC documets. all are fine.

    • Then it may be pending at your bank so please contact your bank branch, but before that check whether your bank account number and IFSC code mentioned in UAN member portal are correct or not.

  7. Hi sir am applyed final settlement it’s shows settled and my account details also perfect but amount is not credited in my account

      • If you have given correct bank account details you don’t need to worry about it…Today and tomorrow you don’t receive due to bank holidays, maybe you will receive it on Monday or Tuesday.

  8. Dear sir,

    I have same issue, that i did claim covid 19 my claims settled 8 April but amount not credit in my bank account.but later observed that IFS code is in correct. now what to do?

  9. Hi this is Anish Kumar i have claimed my epf amount in advance on 12th march 2020 and pf amount was settled but i didn’t receive any amount till now, The NEFT transfer was happened on 09 th april 2020
    can you tell the solution for this

  10. My Covid-19 Claim is settled on 13/04/2020. But till now money is not credited into my account. Everything is seeded with kyc. I’m not understanding what to do.

    • Have you checked your bank account details like your account number and IFSC code in UAN member portal, because even a small mistake in bank account details will make noncredit of PF amount.

      • I have the same issue. Bank account number pan and aadhar is all correct. But amount is not credited in account. Settlement email is received on 13 April. Any idea why there is delay. Is this something with lockdown

  11. Sir this is with reference to my Claim Id – APHYD200450015002 for Covid19 advance. I received the confirmation that my claim has been Settled & Payment sent via NEFT on – 09-APR-2020 will be credited to my bank account within 3 working days. Today is 15th April 2020 but the claim amount still not yet credited to my bank account.

  12. Sir my name chandra mohan I did claim for Covid19 advanced pf amounts in my EPFO account. I summited Form on 7th april 2020 and cheak my claim status in 10th april Portal showing is claim is seattle but money is not credit my given account. So plz tell me How many days taken for NEFT Transfer In member Account .


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